Amazon Connect expands DID & Toll-free numbers available in 6 countries

Amazon Connect has expanded to support inbound telephone numbers across 6 additional countries, Iceland, Brunei and Serbia from the Europe (London) and Europe (Frankfurt) regions and Guatemala, Nicaragua and Bolivia from the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. With the ability to reach customers across the the globe with Amazon Connect, you can now support inbound calls to more than 77 countries globally.

Announcing firewall status message for AWS Network Firewall

Starting today, AWS Network Firewall provides a status message about the current state of each firewall endpoint. This further simplifies troubleshooting firewall endpoint failures by displaying an error message describing the reason for a firewall endpoint failure and reduces mean time to recovery by providing steps to recover the firewall endpoint.

Amazon Connect Wisdom now supports PDF & Word documents

Amazon Connect Wisdom now enables agents to receive knowledge recommendations from PDF & Word documents. Companies that store knowledge articles in PDF and Word formats no longer need to convert them to HTML or text formats to use them with Wisdom. Wisdom analyzes contact center calls in real-time and proactively delivers agents the information they need to solve customer issues, improving agent productivity, and caller satisfaction.

Amazon Translate doubles its synchronous real-time text translation limits to 10,000 bytes

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, affordable, and customizable language translation. Customers use TranslateText API for real time text string translations to support use cases like chat translation. Earlier, the TranslateText API had a size limit of 5,000 bytes for translation requests. Starting today, customers can now use the TranslateText API for real time translation requests up to 10,000 bytes.

Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server now supports Custom Engine Version to improve resiliency of customizations

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Custom for SQL Server now supports creating database instances from a Custom Engine Version (CEV). Customers can use CEV to build a golden image from an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with the required Windows operating system (OS) and database customizations, such as custom drivers or third-party software. They can then create RDS Custom for SQL Server instances based on this golden image. Using a CEV allows customers to maintain their preferred baseline configuration of the OS and database. In addition, customers can deploy fleets of RDS Custom for SQL Server database instances with the same configuration. User-initiated recovery actions such as snapshot restores and point-in-time recovery benefit from restoring customizations, which can lead to faster recovery times.

AWS Config now supports 13 new resource types

AWS Config now supports 13 more resource types for services including Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), Amazon EventBridge, AWS Lightsail (Virtual Server), AWS DataSync, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Fault Injection Simulator (Amazon FIS), Amazon CloudWatch real-user monitoring (Amazon RUM), and Amazon Backup. 

Amazon Connect now provides “idle” chat participant events with auto close capability

Amazon Connect Chat now provides the ability to programmatically monitor the activity status of customers and agents participating in a chat conversation. A participant can be marked as “idle” based on a configurable inactivity timer which can trigger events such as an “Are you still there?” message to the customer. Additional timers can be configured to automatically close chats based on participant idle time, enabling agents to focus on customers who are actively engaged in a conversation.

AWS Storage Gateway management console simplifies file share creation for Amazon S3 File Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway now makes it simpler and faster for you to get started with setting up and managing your hybrid cloud storage workflow with Amazon S3 File Gateway. Using the Storage Gateway management console, you can now quickly create a new file share in a single step and just a few clicks: Choose between configuring an NFS or an SMB file share. Then, connect to a new or existing Amazon S3 bucket. Lastly, finalize your file share access configuration. In addition to a refreshed look and feel, you get enhanced wizard instructions and updated in-console help panel information, helping you to seamlessly navigate the file share creation process.

AWS Organizations console adds support to centrally manage region opt-in settings on AWS accounts

Today, we are enhancing the AWS Organizations console to enable you to centrally view and update the region opt-in settings for your AWS accounts. With this launch, you can now use the console to easily perform these operations without logging into each account separately. We already launched Organizations console support for alternate contacts and primary contact information, and support for additional account settings will be available in future releases.