Amazon EMR is now available in the AWS Local Zone in Los Angeles

You can now launch Amazon EMR clusters in the AWS Local Zone in Los Angeles (LA), California. Amazon EMR helps customers process vast amounts of data quickly and cost-effectively at scale. Using open source tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Flink, Apache Hudi (Incubating), and Presto, coupled with the dynamic scalability of Amazon EC2, EMR gives analytical teams the engines and elasticity to run Petabyte-scale analysis for a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premises clusters. With support for AWS Local Zones, customers can now deploy their latency-sensitive big data applications close to their users in Los Angeles. The LA Local Zone is a new type of AWS infrastructure deployment that places compute, storage, and other select services closer to customers, giving developers the ability to run applications that require single-digit millisecond latencies to end-users in LA.