AWS Budgets announces CloudFormation support for budget actions

You can now configure budgets actions to enforce budget limits for your AWS Budgets resources in your AWS CloudFormation templates, stacks, and StackSets. With budget actions, you can define the action you want to take in your account when a budget exceeds the threshold you defined (actual or forecasted amounts). This level of control will allow you to reduce unintentional overspending in your account. You can choose among three action types: Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy, Service Control policy (SCPs), or target running instances (EC2 or RDS). For example, you can choose to apply a custom “Deny EC2 Run Instances” IAM policy to a user, group, or role in your account, once your monthly budget for EC2 has been exceeded. With the same budget threshold, you can configure a second action that shuts down specific EC2 instances within a particular AWS Region.