AWS SaaS Boost released as an open source project

At re:Invent 2020, AWS announced the preview of AWS SaaS Boost, an open source tool that helps software developers migrate their existing solutions to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. SaaS Boost significantly offloads development effort by accelerating application transformation to SaaS, freeing up software developers to focus on features that differentiate their products. After receiving interest from hundreds of developers in the project, today we’re pleased to announce its public availability on GitHub. All SaaS products need the foundational capabilities to onboard users, provision infrastructure for tenants, monitor consumption trends, configure tenant profiles, integrate with a billing systems, and surface key metrics. These functions are critical for helping SaaS providers to scale. If every SaaS company spent their resources building these capabilities before building their actual applications, it would result in burning finite capital and slowing down their time to market.