AWS Security Hub adds 10 new controls to its Foundational Security Best Practices standard for enhanced cloud security posture monitoring

AWS Security Hub has released 10 new controls for its Foundational Security Best Practice standard to enhance customers’ cloud security posture monitoring. These controls conduct fully-automatic checks against security best practices for Amazon API Gateway (APIGateway.4), Amazon CloudFront (CloudFront.5, CloudFront.6), Amazon EC2 (EC2.17, EC2.18), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS.1), Amazon Elasticsearch Service (ES.4), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM.21), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS.15), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3.8). ). If you have Security Hub set to automatically enable new controls and are already using AWS Foundational Security Best Practices, these controls are enabled by default. Security Hub now supports 141 security controls to automatically check your security posture in AWS.