Building the infraestructure for cloud security

Author: Raghu Yeluri & Enrique Castro-Leon
Year: 2014
Publisher: Apress Open
Pages: 240
Size: 7.45 Mbs (zip)
Language: english

Security is an ever-present consideration for applications and data in the cloud. It is a concern for executives trying to come up with criteria for migrating an application, for marketing organizations in trying to position the company in a good light as enlightened technology adopters, for application architects attempting to build a safe foundation and operations staff making sure bad guys don’t have a field day. It does not matter whether an application is a candidate for migration to the cloud or it already runs using cloud-based components. It does not even matter that an application has managed to run for years in the cloud without a major breach: an unblemished record does not entitle an organization to claim to be home free in matters of security; its executives are acutely aware that resting on their laurels regardless of an unblemished record is an invitation to disaster; and certainly past performance is no predictor for future gains.