Azure API for FHIR® moves to general availability

Today, Microsoft becomes the first cloud with a fully managed, first-party service to ingest, persist, and manage healthcare data in the native FHIR format. The Azure API for FHIR® is releasing today in generally availability to all Azure customers.

The core mission in healthcare is to deliver better health outcomes, and the data standard fueling the future of that mission is FHIR. The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) has revolutionized the industry in the last several years and is rapidly becoming established as the preferred standard for exchanging and managing healthcare information in electronic format.  Microsoft understands the unique value FHIR offers to enable management of Protected Health Information (PHI) in the cloud, so we’re advancing Azure technology to enable our health customers the ability to ingest, manage, and persist PHI data across the Azure environment in the native FHIR format.

With the Azure API for FHIR, a developer, researcher, device maker, or anyone working with health data—is empowered with a turnkey platform to provision a cloud-based FHIR service in just minutes and begin securely managing PHI data in Azure. We’ve simplified FHIR through this new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) so customers can free up their operational resources and focus their development efforts on lighting up analytics, machine learning, and actionable intelligence across their health data.

Aridhia and Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) in London, UK are leaders in the healthcare industry who are already leveraging FHIR in the Azure Cloud to power their Digital Research Environment (DRE), serving both historic and current patient records data: 

“We now have a unified API as a basis for designing, testing, and deploying the next generation of machine learning and digital services in the hospital for our young patients. This will also enable rapid and easier collaboration with our international pediatric hospital partners to share specialised tools to improve patient outcomes and experience,” said Professor Neil Sebire, Chief Research Information Officer at GOSH.

“Partnering with Microsoft on the Azure API for FHIR allows us to scale out and accelerate our customers’ use of SMART on FHIR. The managed service is a great additional component in the Aridhia DRE platform, bringing research and innovation closer to clinical impact,” added Rodrigo Barnes, CTO at Aridhia.

Managed FHIR service in the cloud

Normalizing health data in the FHIR format allows you to leverage the power of an open source standard that evolves with the science of healthcare. The FHIR standard is designed precisely for health data flows, so it allows for data interoperability now and sets your ecosystem up for the future as the science of medicine evolves.  Blending a variety of data sets through a FHIR service ushers in powerful opportunities for accelerated machine learning development. As you develop and implement research and efficiency models for your system, data output can be securely and easily exchanged with any application interface that works with FHIR API.

Using the Azure API for FHIR brings your team all the benefits of the cloud – paying only for what you use, delivering low latency and high performance, and providing on-demand, scalable machine learning tools with built in controls for security and intelligence.

Key features of the Azure API for FHIR include:

•    Provision and start running an enterprise-grade, managed FHIR service in just a few minutes
•    Support for R3 and R4 of the FHIR Standard
•    Role Based Access Control (RBAC) – allowing you to manage access to your data at scale
•    Audit log tracking for access, creation, modification, and reads within each data store
•    Secure compliance in the cloud: ISO 27001:2013 certified, supports HIPAA and GDPR, and built on the HITRUST-certified Azure platform
•    Global Availability and Protection of your data with multi-region failover
•    SMART on FHIR functionality

Security for PHI data in the cloud

The cloud environment you choose to manage your Protected Health Information (PHI) matters. Microsoft runs on trust.

We’ve built the Azure API for FHIR so your data is isolated and protected with layered, in-depth defense and advanced threat protection according to the most stringent industry compliance standards. Azure covers 90+ compliance offerings, including International Organization for Standardization (ISO 27001:2013), and the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  You can be confident that the Azure API for FHIR will enable persistence, security, and exchange of PHI data in a private and compliant pipeline.

  “Humana is using Microsoft’s Azure API for FHIR to enable care team access to our members’ digital health records in a universal language and that is guarded by always-on security. By providing access to members’ records, Humana can focus on supporting doctors, nurses, and clinicians and helping our members experience their best lives.” – Marc Willard, VP, Humana

“Using Azure API for FHIR allows us to focus on designing People Compatible™ solutions for healthcare organization of all sizes in this dynamic regulatory environment, with less worrying about security and scalability.” – Pawan Jindal, Founder & President, Darena Solutions

Building the foundations of artificial intelligence in healthcare

While we’re excited to light our cloud on FHIR, we’re even more excited about the foundations FHIR is forging for the future of machine learning and life sciences in healthcare.  We’re actively engaging with a broad set of customers who are pioneering new innovation with FHIR. Whether you’re improving operational efficiency across your ecosystem, need a new secure FHIR-based data store, or want to create richer datasets for research and innovation, the future of health data in the cloud is here, and it’s on FHIR.

Check out Azure API for FHIR and do more with your health data.

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 43

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 94 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



AZULINK: Get your application fully managed on Azure with a one-stop-shop partner committed to results and centralizing governance and scalability of your Azure services on IaaS and PaaS.

BI for Dynamics 365FO

BI for Dynamics 365FO: Enable your organization to do more with company data. With Hillstar’s standard BI connector for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, users can easily slice and dice through reports and drill down to deeper levels to see more detail.

Blender with Flamenco worker on Windows - ATLG

Blender with Flamenco worker on Windows – ATLG: Blender with Flamenco on Azure provides an easy-to-deploy Flamenco manager/worker environment that can be plugged into Blender Cloud. This marketplace image serves the “render vm” role in the worker pool.

Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps

Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps: This template offers a Linux-based build agent for Azure DevOps that can build and deploy .NET CORE, Angular, Node.JS, Java, C/C++, and Container projects by default. An emulation for ARM devices is also included.

Cisco Firepower Management Center Virtual (FMCv)

Cisco Firepower Management Center Virtual (FMCv): Control access to your network, control application use, and defend against known attacks. Use AMP and sandboxing technologies to address unknown attacks and track malware infections throughout your network.

Cobra - Commercial Broker Assistant

Cobra – Commercial Broker Assistant: Cobra includes everything brokers need for business, including Office 365 integration for easy communication with clients and intuitive storage for client data, contracts, and damages.


Data One: Data One can host, design, build, and manage existing and new reports for organizations that don’t have the capacity to manage their BI demands. The Data One platform simplifies reporting through Northern Data’s dynamic BI portal.

DataRoad Reflect

DataRoad Reflect: DataRoad Reflect is a rapid data movement solution that lets you focus on delivering advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence instead of spending hours programming data migrations.

desknets NEO

desknets NEO: desknets NEO reduces the burden of operation management with extensive administrative functions, such as user and organization registration information management and flexible access rights management. This application is available only in Japanese.

Docker Community Edition With Ubuntu 1804 Lts

Docker Community Edition with Ubuntu 18.04 Lts: Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for individual developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps.

EVE - cloud-based live captions for your event

EVE – cloud-based live captions for your event: EVE not only helps organizations comply with accessibility standards, it is also an additional medium, capturing every spoken word and sharing a transcript after a speech for further actions, including subtitles and SEO.

FM Converge on Azure

FM Converge on Azure: FM Converge on Azure is a highly responsive, cross-asset front-office/middle-office/operations/risk platform for pre-trade pricing, structuring, book valuation, and managing enterprise risk for a wide variety of financial instruments.

Get Azure Ops Data into Splunk - in 3 minutes

Get Azure Ops Data into Splunk – in 3 minutes: StreamWeaver offers a systematic, automated approach to distributing valuable operations data, including event, metric, topology, and log information, from all domains and clouds to the appropriate applications and teams.

Go timesheets, expense and leave software

Go timesheets, expense and leave software: Go is a scalable, web-based and mobile app for managing timesheets, expenses, and leave. Users can connect from anywhere – in the office or in the field – to submit time, leave, and expenses with attached receipts.

Hyper-Q Express Edition for Teradata to SQL DW

Hyper-Q Express Edition for Teradata to SQL DW: Hyper-Q takes SQL extensions and scripts written for Teradata and makes them interoperable with Azure SQL Data Warehouse while requiring little to no change to the business logic your company relies on.

Imredi Audit

Imredi Audit: The Imredi Audit solution is designed to audit stores, collect and analyze data from retail outlets, and help manage field employees. This application is available only in Russian.


iNAS: Unissoft is pleased to provide its iNAS cloud-based record-keeping solution for Azure and Office 365 users. iNAS protects records from inadvertent or unauthorized alteration, deletion, access, and retrieval while monitoring the integrity of records through an audit trail.

Indoorway InSite 40

Indoorway InSite 4.0: Indoorway provides accurate data and useful analytics about the movement of assets in industrial sites. Locate in real time any moving resources relevant to key production and intralogistics processes.

IoT Core Services

IoT Core Services: IoT Core Services by conplement AG provides a fast and secure end-to-end solution for device/machine connections in the Internet of Things and digital value-added services. This application is available only in German.

Jenkins With CentOS 76

Jenkins with CentOS 7.6: Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java. Jenkins helps automate the non-human part of the software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery.

Lamp With CentOS 76

Lamp with CentOS 7.6: LAMP is an archetypal model of web service stacks, named as an acronym of its original components: Linux operating system, Apache HTTP server, MySQL relational database management system, and PHP programming language.

Lamp With Ubuntu Server 1804 Lts

Lamp with Ubuntu Server 18.04 Lts: LAMP is an archetypal model of web service stacks, named as an acronym of its original components: Linux operating system, Apache HTTP server, MySQL relational database management system, and PHP programming language.

LANCOM vRouter

LANCOM vRouter: The LANCOM vRouter is a software-based router for operation in virtualized environments. With its comprehensive range of functions and numerous security features based on the operating system LCOS, it offers a leading basis for modern infrastructures.

Mediant CE Session Border Controller (SBC)

Mediant CE Session Border Controller (SBC): AudioCodes’ Mediant Session Border Controllers deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and quality assurance for enterprise and service provider VoIP networks.

MinIO Helm Chart

MinIO Helm Chart: MinIO is an object storage server mainly used for storing unstructured data such as photos, videos, and log files.

Mojro Technologies Private Limited

Mojro Technologies Private Limited: Mojro’s proprietary algorithms are deployed to perform space and route optimization together at scale and enable your organization to automate the planning and execution of logistics.

Movie Viewer

Movie Viewer: Movie Viewer is a virtual editing tool that enables you to create clips from multiple videos and combine them into playlists. This application is available only in Japanese.

NGINX Plus Developer Edition

NGINX Plus Developer Edition: NGINX Plus brings enterprise-ready features such as application load balancing, monitoring, and advanced management to your Microsoft Azure application stack.

Nginx With Ubuntu Server 1804 Lts

Nginx with Ubuntu Server 18.04 Lts: NGINX is open source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more. NGINX started as a web server designed for maximum performance and stability.

Objectivity Metadata Connect

Objectivity Metadata Connect: Metadata Connect allows you to define information about data from any external source and form connections within it. You can then understand how data interacts as it is changed and perform powerful navigational and pathfinding queries.

On-Net Integration Business Series

On-Net Integration Business Series: On-Net Integration Business Series on Microsoft Azure boosts operational efficiency with a wide range of functions. This application is available only in Japanese.

Opus Suite

Opus Suite: Opus Suite gives you fast, accurate analyses, optimization, simulation, and answers throughout your system’s lifecycle, helping you take control over performance and lifecycle cost.

Orange HRM

OrangeHRM: OrangeHRM is a free, comprehensive human resource management system that captures the essential functionalities required for any enterprise.

ProScheduler WFM

ProScheduler WFM: ProScheduler is an enterprise-class workforce management system offering cutting-edge optimization and real-time features. ProScheduler is quick to implement, easy to learn, and typically offers a return on investment within six months.

PyTorch from NVIDIA

PyTorch from NVIDIA: PyTorch is a GPU-accelerated tensor computation framework with a Python front end. This image bundles NVIDIA’s container for PyTorch into the NGC base image for Microsoft Azure.

PyTorch Helm Chart

PyTorch Helm Chart: PyTorch is a deep learning platform that accelerates the transition from research prototyping to production deployment. This Bitnami image includes Torchvision for specific computer vision support.

Remote Desktop Services 2019 RDS Farm

Remote Desktop Services 2019 RDS Farm: Set up a basic remote desktop services (RDS) IaaS farm on Azure for testing or a production environment. Scale from 1 RDS host to 50 RDS hosts and allow users to connect to published desktops and applications from any device or OS.


SecureBox: SecureBox is a secure cloud file sharing platform. Access your data anywhere and back up, view, sync, and share your data on Microsoft Azure.

SFTP Gateway

SFTP Gateway: Built on the base Ubuntu 18.04 image from Canonical, SFTP Gateway is a secure-by-default, pre-configured SFTP server that saves files to Azure Blob Storage. Use SFTP Gateway as a traditional SFTP server or to upload files to Azure storage.

SmartGov for Administration

SmartGov for Administration: Proven in over 30 government departments and SOEs, SmartGov for Administration is a tried and tested solution for the digitization of some of the most problematic processes in the South African public sector back office.

Speech to Text

Speech to Text: Zoom Media offers its highly accurate Speech to Text service in 10 languages (Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English US, Filipino, Finnish, Flemish, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish). All models can be used in batch or real time and are customizable upon request.

TensorFlow from NVIDIA

TensorFlow from NVIDIA: TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. This image bundles NVIDIA’s GPU-optimized TensorFlow container along with the base NGC Image.

Theobald Software Xtract IS for Azure

Theobald Software Xtract IS for Azure: With Xtract IS for Azure you can either develop new SSIS packages from scratch or use your existing SSIS packages developed with Xtract IS Ultimate/Enterprise. Develop on-premises and run in the cloud.

Tidal Migrations - Premium Insights for Database

Tidal Migrations – Premium Insights for Database: Tidal Migrations provides your team with a simple, fast, and cost-effective cloud migration management solution. This add-on empowers your team with actionable insights on the databases you plan to migrate to Azure.

Total Access Control

Total Access Control: Total Access Control from PortSys offers a Zero Trust approach to secure access to valuable resources wherever they may reside, locally or in the cloud. This single, scalable solution manages access across the enterprise.

Wanos Wan Optimization (SD-WAN)

Wanos WAN Optimization (SD-WAN): Reduce bandwidth and boost remote network access to Azure resources through TCP acceleration, compression, deduplication, object caching, packet loss recovery, forward error correction, QoS, and related WAN acceleration techniques.


WISE-PaaS/RMM 3.3: WISE-PaaS/RMM IoT by Advantech is a reliable, scalable, and extensible IoT device management platform that bridges layers in Advantech IoT platform architecture, including IoT device, system, and cloud layers.

Wordpress With Ubuntu Server 1604 Lts

WordPress with Ubuntu Server 16.04 Lts: WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.

Consulting Services

AI Roadmap - 1 Day Brief

AI Roadmap – 1 Day Brief: This one-day briefing from StrategyWise will illustrate why you should use Azure AI tools with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from digital transformation, prescriptive modeling, and AI applications built on Azure.

AI Roadmap - 3 Week Assessment

AI Roadmap – 3 Week Assessment: StrategyWise’s three-week assessment will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint for executing successful AI projects on the Azure stack, helping you to drive organizational change and process improvements.

AI Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop

AI Roadmap – 5 Day Workshop: This five-day workshop from StrategyWise will help you identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through artificial intelligence powered by Azure.

Analytics Roadmap - 1 Day Brief

Analytics Roadmap – 1 Day Brief: StrategyWise will illustrate why you should democratize analytics with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from digital transformation, prescriptive modeling, and AI applications built on Azure.

Analytics Roadmap - 3 Week Assessment

Analytics Roadmap – 3 Week Assessment: Looking to launch an advanced analytics initiative on Azure? This three-week assessment will provide a blueprint for executing successful analytics projects on Azure, helping you to drive organizational change and process improvements.

Analytics Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop

Analytics Roadmap – 5 Day Workshop: This five-day workshop from StrategyWise will help you identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through analytics democratization powered by Azure.

App Modernization using App service 10 Weeks Imp

App Modernization using App service 10 Weeks Imp.: Build, deploy, and scale modern web, mobile, and API apps using Azure App Service. This service includes architecture design, engineering, and deploying applications in the Azure environment.

Application Portfolio Assessment 6 Weeks

Application Portfolio Assessment: 6 Weeks: Cloudreach’s six-week Application Portfolio Assessment with Cloudamize provides enterprises who want to migrate to Azure with a comprehensive migration strategy and a high-level estimate of run and build costs.

Assessment for Modern DataCenter - 4 weeks

Assessment for Modern Datacenter – 4 weeks: Sonata’s four-week assessment service advises customers and recommends a roadmap to build a datacenter in the Azure cloud. This service includes analyzing the feasibility of moving existing datacenter infrastructure to Azure.

Azure application Modernization Assessment - 2 weeks

Azure Application Modernization Assessment – 2 weeks: Sonata’s two-week assessment service advises customers on application modernization options and recommends a roadmap to modernize legacy applications in the Azure cloud.

Azure datacenter Modernization 8 weeks Imp

Azure Datacenter Modernization 8 weeks Imp: Sonata’s eight-week implementation will migrate and establish a modern datacenter in the Azure cloud. The service will provision datacenter resources and migrate data, databases, and applications to Azure.

Azure IoT 3-Day Proof of Concept

Azure IoT: 3-Day Proof of Concept: This three-day engagement from Tallan will educate your team on what is possible in Azure IoT Hub and build out your POC utilizing Azure IoT services and Power BI.

Azure IoT 3-Day Workshop

Azure IoT: 3-Day Workshop: Tallan’s three-day workshop includes presentations, stakeholder interviews, analysis, demos, and hands-on learning to help you create a technical strategy for your IoT solution.

Azure Managed Services 8 Week Implementation

Azure Managed Services: 8 Week Implementation: Cloudreach Cloud Core delivers service management of your cloud platform through monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting, security services, delivery management, and continual service improvement.

Azure Migration 1-day Assessment

Azure Migration: 1-day Assessment: Atmosera’s cloud assessment delivers a clear roadmap with options to evaluate workloads and performance data, prioritize business needs, and understand trade-offs when migrating to Azure.

Azure MSP Powered by CLIP 6-Wk Assessment

Azure MSP Powered by CLIP: 6-Wk Assessment: Brillio Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) Powered by CLIP offers 360-degree coverage to enterprises throughout their cloud journey – from assessment to managing the cloud environment.

Big Data Roadmap - 1 Day Briefing

Big Data Roadmap – 1 Day Briefing: This StrategyWise briefing will illustrate why you should leverage big data with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from digital transformation, prescriptive modeling, and AI applications in the Azure environment.

Big Data Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop

Big Data Roadmap – 5 Day Workshop: Looking to ramp up on big data powered by Azure? This five-day workshop will help you identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through big data on Azure.

Business Continuity Disaster recovery 2 Weeks Imp

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery 2 Weeks Imp.: This two-week implementation helps customers set up business continuity planning and disaster recovery on Azure. The service includes setting up BCP/DR environments in Azure and configuring apps and databases.

Connected Factory by APEx

Connected Factory by APEx: Cognizant APEx is an Industry 4.0 solution accelerator that enables the integration of devices, systems, and processes powered by the Azure IoT cloud platform to build a connected factory for optimized and enhanced operations.

Data and Analytics Strategy 1-day Workshop

Data and Analytics Strategy: 1-day Workshop: RevGen Partners’ one-day interactive workshop introduces success with Azure for data and analytics, a review of current capabilities, and a high-level strategy and roadmap toward maturity.

Data Estate Modernisation 1 Day Workshop

Data Estate Modernisation: 1 Day Workshop: Northdoor’s initial one-day workshop for technical and business leaders will assess your existing data estate and provide a roadmap to modernize your data platform (hybrid or full Azure) and licensing model.

DevOps Assessment 1-Week Assessment

DevOps Assessment: 1-Week Assessment: Create DevOps pipeline best practices for Azure DevOps, walk through current DevOps environments and action items needed to move to Azure DevOps, and create and use test workloads as a POC in this assessment from Tallan.

DevOps Implementation 3-Week Implementation

DevOps Implementation: 3-Week Implementation: Tallan will work with you to get all your applications using the same build automation mechanisms for Azure DevOps and ultimately help you build your DevOps pipeline strategy.

Discovery Free 2 hours Workshop

Discovery Free 2 hours Workshop: In this free workshop, Cloocus will investigate your current IT operation system, gather requirements, introduce methodology and references, and propose a fitting cloud roadmap.

Employee Experience Work Teams Jumpstart

Employee Experience @Work: Teams Jumpstart: The Cognizant Jumpstart for Microsoft Teams helps you successfully deploy and get immediate business value from this powerful platform using Azure bots, functions, and other services.

Free 1-2 Day Cloud Economic Assessment

Free 1/2 Day Cloud Economic Assessment: Blue Silver Shift will deliver a half-day workshop with your leadership team to go through digital transformation and the cloud, understanding your business, and building business goals and outcomes.

Free Azure Cost Optimization 1-day Assessment

Free Azure Cost Optimization: 1-day Assessment: ProArch’s one-day assessment will analyze all workloads you are using and provide a recommendation report detailing how you can reduce your cloud cost by 30–60 percent or more by moving to Microsoft Azure.

Health Content Manage & Localize - 4-hr Assessment

Health Content: Manage & Localize – 4-hr Assessment: Lionbridge will review your content creation and localization process, content types, linguistic needs, regulatory requirements, current pain points, and volumes to develop a custom end-to-end solution.

IBM Domino Migration to MS Azure 2-Day Assessment

IBM Domino Migration to MS Azure 2-Day Assessment: The Point Alliance methodology, industry-standard migration tools, unique intellectual property, onsite and remote consultants, and proven track record combine to mitigate risk and ensure a successful Azure migration.

Launch IT Lifecycle Mgmt 10-Week Implementation

Launch IT Lifecycle Mgmt: 10-Week Implementation: Launch is a collection of IT lifecycle management services designed to make IT organizations more efficient through a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and automation.

Legislative Management Consulting Svcs 10-Wk Imp

Legislative Management Consulting Svcs: 10-Wk Imp: This service is a great way to migrate from legacy systems to solutions on Azure. Tallan will work with IT and business users to enable disaster recovery and insightful data visualizations while reducing manual effort.

Machine Learning Discovery Study 4-wk Assessment

Machine Learning Discovery Study: 4-wk Assessment: The Data Analysis Bureau will guide you on your data and analytics journey through its Discovery Study, bringing industry and domain best practice and insight to your business.

Managed Services

Managed Services: Capgemini’s Enterprise Portfolio Modernization initiative is a suite of services that aligns application lifecycle and modernization capabilities with Microsoft Azure to offer an end-to-end approach to digital transformation with enterprise capabilities.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration 1-Hour Briefing

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration: 1-Hour Briefing: Are you considering a cloud migration or just want a better understanding of Microsoft Azure? Utilize Plc will help you understand the capabilities of Azure, including Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and security features.

Modernization Blueprint (Small) 3 Week Assessment

Modernization Blueprint (Small): 3 Week Assessment: The Modernization Blueprint provides expert analysis and Azure-specific recommendations across the modernization journey. Deliverables include an implementation plan, strategic vision, and a comprehensive proposal and playbook.


OneMigrate: Sogeti can reduce cloud migration efforts by 40 percent with OneMigrate, an automated platform plugged in with Azure Site Recovery for server migration and CloudBoost library for environment provisioning.

People Analytics Data Platform 2-Wk Implementation

People Analytics Data Platform: 2-Wk Implementation: This People Analytics solution from Tallan offers insight into the information you likely already have about your employees so that you can identify trends in attrition, helping you retain your top talent.

Predictive Analytics, ML, AI POC 1 week

Predictive Analytics, ML, AI: POC 1 week+: Quadbase Systems offers this one-week proof of concept to demonstrate use cases for predictive analytics and machine learning on Azure ML. You will learn how to apply techniques to improve your business performance.

SQL Server Migration 3-Day Assessment

SQL Server Migration: 3-Day Assessment: CSW offers this migration assessment to help you move your on-premises SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database. You will receive an assessment document, suggested cloud architecture, and migration plan.

SQL Server Migration 4-Week Implementation

SQL Server Migration: 4-Week Implementation: After your migration assessment, CSW can carry out the plan to move your on-premises database to Azure SQL Database. CSW engineers will ensure your SQL workload runs flawlessly in Microsoft’s cloud environment.

Telstra Cloud Sight

Telstra Cloud Sight: Telstra Cloud Sight is an automated orchestration platform that enables you to configure your cloud accounts easily and keep them compliant, secure, and optimized – all aligned to your chosen best practice blueprints and with minimal human intervention.

Telstra Managed Public Cloud

Telstra Managed Public Cloud: Readify will install its cloud management layer atop your cloud infrastructure, enabling its expert team to effectively perform day-to-day management, monitoring, and essential security-related activities.

Website Migration - IaaS 4-Week Implementation

Website Migration – IaaS: 4-Week Implementation: CSW will migrate your website to Microsoft Azure, allowing you to capitalize on reliable cloud hosting services and scalability. This implementation includes moving all assets, SSL certificates, domains, databases, and more.

Website Migration - PaaS 2-Week Implementation

Website Migration – PaaS: 2-Week Implementation: CSW will migrate your website to Microsoft Azure, allowing you to capitalize on reliable cloud hosting services and scalability. This implementation includes moving all assets, SSL certificates, domains, databases, and more.

Website Migration 2-Day Assessment

Website Migration: 2-Day Assessment: This assessment from CSW will help you review your website architecture, platform, infrastructure, performance, security, backup, and recovery and then establish the necessary Microsoft Azure services for a cloud implementation.

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 42

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 86 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


360 VR Museum

360°VR Museum: The 360°VR Museum is a virtual exhibition platform that allows users to view HD 360-degree re-creations of local and international exhibitions where visitors can move around freely using a mouse or touch screen input. This application is available only in Korean.

Apache Airflow Helm Chart

Apache Airflow Helm Chart: Apache Airflow is a tool to express and execute workflows as directed acyclic graphs. It includes utilities to schedule tasks, monitor task progress, and handle task dependencies.

Apache Superset (Ubuntu)

Apache Superset (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Superset stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for running the Apache Superset data exploration and visualization web application on Azure.

Ataccama ONE Data Quality Management

Ataccama ONE: Data Quality Management: Employ smart, automated metadata discovery algorithms to know the state of your data quality; empower data users to make smarter, more informed decisions; and prevent costly mistakes with Ataccama ONE.

Avid Media Composer Azure Test Drive

Avid Media Composer Azure Test Drive: Experience editing in the cloud with Avid Media Composer on Azure. This Test Drive includes one NV12 virtual machine with Avid Media Composer 2018.12, sample media, and Teradici Cloud Access software installed.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow

CallidusCloud Workflow: CallidusCloud Workflow includes everything you need to organize, automate, execute, and analyze business processes to connect people, data, and daily activities.

CentOS 6.10

CentOS 6.10: This secure, cost-efficient, and quick to deploy distribution of Linux is based on CentOS and provided by Northbridge Secure. Enjoy the power of Microsoft Azure from any device in a matter of hours.

Citrix ADC 13

Citrix ADC 13.0: Providing operational consistency and a smooth user experience, Citrix ADC is an enterprise-grade application delivery controller that delivers your applications quickly, reliably, and securely – with deployment and pricing flexibility to meet your unique needs.


Citynet: Citynet is a monthly subscription-based SaaS application that enables cities to upload their unstructured city council data to Azure, where it’s automatically and semantically indexed and made available for natural language querying.

cleverEAI by Sunato

cleverEAI by Sunato: cleverEAI monitors all BizTalk integration processes. View your workflows in real time, analyze, and reprocess failed instances immediately. This VM image contains a complete BizTalk environment, configured automatically by the cleverEAI installation package.

CMFlex Cloud ERP

CMFlex: The CMFlex SaaS solution can be operated in different browsers and devices via the web, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere with accurate, real-time information. This application is available only in Portuguese.

Compliant FileVision

Compliant FileVision: Compliant FileVision is a policy management solution that empowers you to implement consistent, efficient, and sustainable processes for managing the lifecycle of corporate policies and standards, incidents, service improvement requests, and procedures.

Data Protector

Data Protector: Micro Focus Data Protector is an enterprise-grade backup and DR solution for large, complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Built on a scalable architecture that combines security and analytics, it enables users to meet continuity needs reliably and cost-effectively.

FileMage Gateway

FileMage Gateway: FileMage Gateway is a secure cloud file transfer solution that seamlessly connects legacy SFTP, FTPS, and FTP protocols to Azure Blob Storage.

Forms Connect

Forms Connect: Forms Connect enables you to digitize paper processes by capturing images and data and storing them in Office 365. This solution is ideal for HR and finance teams looking to solve the challenges of capturing information from the field and moving it to Azure.

Global Product Authentication Service

Global Product Authentication Service: Global Product Authentication Service is an innovative cloud‐based brand protection, track-and-trace, and consumer engagement service that drives business value by addressing challenges organizations face when operating in global markets.

Graylog (Ubuntu)

Graylog (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Graylog stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for running log systems on Azure. Graylog captures, stores, and enables real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data.


HealthCloud: The HealthCloud platform enables organizations and partners to easily develop highly interoperable solutions across the healthcare value chain. Its API-driven methodology delivers consolidated health data and patient-centric records from a wide range of sources.

Hibun Information leakage Prevention

Hibun Information Leak Prevention Solution: Protect confidential data from various information leaks, including theft, loss of device, insider fraud, and information theft by targeted cyberattacks.


Hyperlex: Hyperlex is a Software-as-a-Service solution for contract management and analysis with AI that identifies legal documents and their important information for retrieval, saving your organization considerable time and resources. This application is available only in French.

Hysolate for Privileged User Devices

Hysolate for Privileged User Devices: Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs) provide a dedicated operating system for sensitive tasks that is protected from attacks and threat vectors. Hysolate makes PAWs practical to adopt at scale without degrading productivity.

Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery to Azure

Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery to Azure: Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery to Azure delivers consistent replication, storage-agnostic snapshots, and orchestration functionality with enterprise-grade recovery point objective and recovery time objective.

Imago-ai Intelligent Chatbot Intelligent Chatbot: Intelligent Chatbot on Microsoft Azure includes an interactive chatbot interface allowing clients to plug into any digital media as well as a dashboard that combines user behaviors and history to provide business insights.

InnGage Citypoints

InnGage Citypoints: InnoWave’s InnGage Citypoints gamification application on Microsoft Azure recognizes and rewards citizens who adopt good citizenship practices.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (25 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (25 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service business intelligence platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (50 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (50 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service business intelligence platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (100 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (100 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service business intelligence platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version 7.0.3

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version 7.0.3: This solution automates order management, provisioning, and billing and can be easily integrated to support enterprise ITSM, billing, ERP, and identity systems including Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services.

Jenkins (Ubuntu)

Jenkins (Ubuntu): Jenkins is an automation server with a broad plugin ecosystem for supporting practically every tool as a part of the delivery pipeline. Websoft9 Jenkins stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for running Jenkins on Azure.

Jenkins on Windows Server 2016

Jenkins on Windows Server 2016: Jenkins is a leading open source CI/CD server that enables the automation of building, testing, and shipping software projects. Jenkins on Windows Server 2016 includes all plugins needed to deploy any service to Azure.

KNIME Server Small

KNIME Server Small: KNIME Server, KNIME’s flagship collaboration product, offers shared repositories, advanced access management, flexible execution, web enablement, and commercial support. Share data, nodes, metanodes, and workflows throughout your company.

Knowage Community Edition (Ubuntu)

Knowage Community Edition (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Knowage is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for deployment Knowage on Azure. Knowage Community Edition includes all analytical capabilities and guarantees a full end user experience.

Lustre on Azure

Lustre on Azure: Lustre on Azure is a scalable, parallel file system built for high performance computing (HPC). It is ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you-go applications from rapid simulation and prototyping to peak HPC workloads.

Machine Translation

Machine Translation: Tilde Machine Translation offers custom systems to fit each client’s needs, delivering human-like translations that help save time and money, facilitate processes, and maximize sales.

NGINX Plus Enterprise Edition

NGINX Plus Enterprise Edition: NGINX Plus brings enterprise-ready features such as application load balancing, monitoring, and advanced management to your Azure application stack, helping you deliver applications with the performance, security, and scale of Azure.

Odoo Community Edition (Ubuntu)

Odoo Community Edition (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Odoo stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for Odoo on Azure. The Odoo suite of web-based, open source business apps includes CRM, website builder, e-commerce, warehouse management, project management, and more.

OMNIA Low-code Platform

OMNIA Low-code Platform: Model your applications using a business language based on economic theory, greatly reducing your product’s development cycles from conception to deployment.

Omnia Retail

Omnia Retail: Omnia is a leading SaaS solution for integrated dynamic pricing and online marketing automation. It helps retailers regain control, save time, and drive profitable growth.

OXID eShop e-commerce platform

OXID eShop e-commerce platform: ESYON’s OXID SaaS solution on Azure offers powerful, modern shop software with many out-of-the-box functions for B2B, B2C, and internationalization.

Package Be Cloud RGDP Azure - PIA

Package Be Cloud RGDP Azure – PIA: Designed to facilitate your compliance process, Be Cloud’s tool can be adapted to your specific needs or to your business sector. This application is available only in French.

POINTR - Customer & Marketing Analytics

POINTR – Customer & Marketing Analytics: POINTR is a customer and marketing analytics application built using Microsoft Azure and Power BI. It delivers customer intelligence and actionable insights from personalized marketing campaigns via an intuitive interface.

Population Health Management Solution

Population Health Management Solution: BroadReach creates simple solutions to complex health challenges. By combining expert consulting and powered Vantage technologies, BroadReach gives clients the innovative edge to transform health outcomes.


Portability: Onecub is a personal data portability tool for the GDPR right to portability (article 20), providing companies with an all-in-one service to offer controlled, innovative portability to their clients.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11: Postgres Pro Standard Database comes with SQL and NoSQL support. Postgres Pro Enterprise Database contains more features on top of Postgres Pro Standard Database to work with large databases and process lots of transactions.

Power BI voor Exact Online

Power BI voor Exact Online: Power BI for Exact Online is a powerful business analysis application configured and optimized for Exact Online’s business administration and accounting environment. This application is available only in the Netherlands.

Power BI voor Twinfield

Power BI voor Twinfield: Power BI for Twinfield is a powerful business analysis application configured and optimized for Twinfield’s business administration and accounting environment. This application is available only in the Netherlands.

Realtime Sales Radar

Realtime Sales Radar: Track developments and sales figures of your online platforms in real time with the help of this HMS consulting service and data collection in the Azure cloud.

ReportServer on Ubuntu

ReportServer on Ubuntu: Websoft9 offers a preconfigured and ready-to-run image for ReportServer, a modern and versatile business intelligence (OSBI) platform, on Azure.

SentryOne Test

SentryOne Test: SentryOne Test (formerly LegiTest) is a comprehensive, automated data testing framework that allows you to test all your data-centric applications in an easy-to-use platform.

Service Management Automation X

Service Management Automation X: Micro Focus SMAX is an application suite for service and asset management, built from the ground up to include machine learning and analytics.

Snyk Cloud Security Platform

Snyk Cloud Security Platform: This Snyk solution lets developers securely use open source software while accelerating migration to Azure of micro-services and containerized and serverless workloads.

Social Intranet Analytics - with Netmind Core

Social Intranet Analytics – with Netmind Core: Get a detailed overview of the use, acceptance, multilocation collaboration, and interactions on your social intranet with Netmind Core from Mindlab.


sospes: Sospes allows staff to report workplace incidents (injuries, property damage, environmental hazards, security threats) and generates management and regulatory reports.


StoreHippo: StoreHippo is a SaaS e-commerce platform used by customers across more than 15 countries and 35 business verticals. StoreHippo offers scalability and flexibility for next-gen businesses.

SyAudit for Medical Record Audits

SyAudit for Medical Record Audits: This solution from SyTrue scans medical records and highlights key data by record type to let auditors quickly validate findings through a modernized workflow.

Tidal Migrations -Premium Insights for Database

Tidal Migrations – Premium Insights for Database: Analyze your databases and uncover roadblocks to Azure cloud migration with this add-on to your Tidal Migrations subscription.

Trac - Issue Tracking System (Ubuntu)

Trac – Issue Tracking System (Ubuntu): This stack from Websoft9 is a preconfigured image for Trac on Azure. Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Module

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Module: This IoT Edge Module (with Python) from BRFRame automatically categorizes dataset anomalies, eliminating manual work that can take time and lead to inaccuracies.

Video Inteligencia para Seguridad y Prevencion

Video Inteligencia para Seguridad y Prevención: This video analytics solution acts as the brain of a security system, enabling decision-making in real time. This application is available only in Spanish.

VM Explorer

VM Explorer: Micro Focus VM Explorer is an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution, offering fast VM and granular restore, replication, and verification of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.


winsafe: Winsafe from Nextronic is an IoT dashboard platform that can locate static or mobile end-devices positioned in outdoor or indoor areas without a dedicated infrastructure.

Consulting Services

Advanced DevOps Automation with CI-CD 10-Day Imp

Advanced DevOps Automation with CI/CD: 10-Day Imp.: Leveraging InCycle’s Azure DevOps Accelerators, InCycle cloud architects will ensure customers realize modern CI/CD pipelines, IT governance, and minimum time to production.

App Modernization Implementation - 3-Week Imp

App Modernization Implementation – 3-Week Imp.: Based on InCycle’s proprietary Modern App Factory approach and Accelerators, InCycle’s Azure architects will analyze your environment, co-define your goals, and develop a cloud adoption strategy and roadmap.

Application Portfolio Assessment - Briefing 1-day

Application Portfolio Assessment – Briefing: 1-day: HCL Technologies’ free one-day briefing ensures customers understand HCL’s Cloud Assessment Framework and how it performs assessment in a proven methodology for migration to Microsoft Azure.

Azure AI & Bots  2-Hr Assessment

Azure AI & Bots: 2-Hr Assessment: This Neudesic assessment will provide a recommendation on how Microsoft Azure can be used to meet a key business need with an AI-powered bot using Neudesic’s agile, repeatable approach to accelerate delivery time and value.

Azure Architecture Assessment - 2-day workshop

Azure Architecture Assessment – 2-day workshop: In this assessment, Cloud Valley’s cloud architects gather functional and operational requirements, see how they align with your current business goals, and propose a technological solution.

Azure back-up and DR workshop - 2.5 days

Azure back-up and DR workshop – 2.5 days: Acora’s team will review your on-premises or cloud environment to provide a recommended approach for migrating to Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Cloud Readiness 2-Week Assessment

Azure Cloud Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: Emtec evaluates business processes and technology infrastructure to assess current investments and identify potential areas that are ripe for successful cloud migration and adoption.

Azure Management Services 10-Wk Implementation

Azure Management Services: 10-Wk Implementation: Catapult Systems’ Azure Management Services allow users to continuously optimize their cloud environment. In this assessment, Catapult helps you pick the option that best fits the objectives for your cloud environment.

Azure Migration - 2 Day Assessment

Azure Migration – 2 Day Assessment: This Third I assessment is driven by an in-depth review of your existing solution architecture to help identify a suitable modern data warehouse to match your solution needs.

Azure Migration 2.5 day Workshop

Azure Migration: 2.5 day Workshop: Acora will review your technical capability and readiness for a migration to Azure and provide recommendations on the cost, resources, and time needed to move with minimal downtime.

Citrix Workspace on Azure 5 Day Proof of Concept

Citrix Workspace on Azure: 5 Day Proof of Concept: Get a custom proof of concept of Citrix Cloud Workspace Integrated with Microsoft Azure along with design and cost estimates to enable your organization to move forward with the solution.

Cloud Foundation Assessment 6 Wk Assessment

Cloud Foundation Assessment: 6 Wk Assessment: This Anglepoint assessment will help you optimize your environment before you migrate to the cloud to ensure the most cost-effective solution that maximizes throughput and availability.

Cloud Journey Assessment- 4 Weeks

Cloud Journey Assessment – 4 Weeks: In this four-week assessment, Dedalus will determine the Azure dependencies for each of your applications to prioritize which applications and systems are the best candidates for migration.

Cloud Migration -8 week implementation

Cloud Migration – 8 week implementation: CloudOps will help develop an Azure migration and cloud-native strategy that meets your current workload and security requirements while enabling you to scale to the future needs of your business.

Cloud Optimized WAN Engagement 4-day Assessment

Cloud Optimized WAN Engagement: 4-day Assessment: Equinix will help develop a customized WAN strategy focusing on improved latency, performance, security, and flexibility while providing clear insights into your expected return on investment or total cost of ownership.

DataDebut Cloud Analytics 5-Day Proof of Concept

DataDebut Cloud Analytics: 5-Day Proof of Concept: This POC engagement helps boost your understanding of cloud concepts and offerings so that you can identify potential future value of enhancing your data platform, define your path to cloud-native data analytics, and more.

DataGuide Cloud Analytics Intro 1-Day Assessment

DataGuide Cloud Analytics Intro: 1-Day Assessment: Intended for solution architects, project and program managers, and key stakeholders, this free engagement gives your organization an overview of Azure data analytics and how they can greatly enhance your data estate.

DataVision Project Discovery 5-Day Assessment

DataVision Project Discovery: 5-Day Assessment: This Azure data project discovery provides in-depth analysis, design, and planning, enabling you to employ future-proof architectures, identify the best approach for the rationalization of existing data assets, and more.

Equinix Cloud Exchange 2-day Implementation

Equinix Cloud Exchange: 2-day Implementation: Equinix’s Cloud Enablement services make it easy to complete the setup and configuration necessary to activate your connection to the Azure cloud.

ExpressRoute Connectivity Strategy 3-day Workshop

ExpressRoute Connectivity Strategy: 3-day Workshop: This Equinix workshop empowers customers to implement an Azure ExpressRoute connectivity strategy tailored for their specific needs and is a fast-track path to optimized Azure consumption.

Onboarding Services - USA 4 weeks implementation

Onboarding Services – USA: 4 weeks implementation: Anunta’s Onboarding Services on Azure ensure end-to-end management of virtual desktop workload transition to the cloud, including implementation, Active Directory configuration, image creation, app configuration, and more.

Palo Alto Test Drive on Azure 1-2 Day Workshop

Palo Alto Test Drive on Azure: 1/2 Day Workshop: See how easy it is to securely extend your corporate datacenter to Azure using Palo Alto Networks Next Generation VM-Series firewalls with security features to protect applications and data from threats.

Predica Azure Migration 5-Day Proof of Concept

Predica Azure Migration 5-Day Proof of Concept: In this cloud migration proof of concept, Predica will guide you through the process of workload migration, ensuring you get the most from your Microsoft Azure implementation.

Security & Compliance Assessment - 4 Wk Assessment

Security & Compliance Assessment – 4 Wk Assessment: This Logicworks offering will help you assess your Azure environment against compliance frameworks and receive automated reporting, vulnerability scanning, and a remediation roadmap to help you improve security.

Spyglass-Azure Security- 10 Wk Implementation

Spyglass/Azure Security – 10 Wk. Implementation: Catapult’s Spyglass service jump-starts your cloud security by deploying Microsoft’s security tools and leveraging security experts, best practices, and centralized security dashboards.

Expanding the Azure Stack partner ecosystem

We continue to expand our ecosystem by partnering with independent software vendors (ISV) around the globe to deliver prepackaged software solutions to Azure Stack customers. As we are getting closer to our two-year anniversary, we are humbled by the trust and confidence bestowed by our partners in the Azure Stack platform. We would like to highlight some of the partnerships that we built during this journey.


Thales now offers their CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager solution through the Azure Stack Marketplace that works with Azure and Azure Stack “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK) APIs to enable such key control. CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager creates Azure-compatible keys from the Vormetric Data Security Manager that can offer up to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 protection. Customers can upload, manage, and revoke keys, as needed, to and from Azure Key Vaults running in Azure Stack or Azure, all from a single pane of glass.


Every organization has a unique journey to the cloud based on its history, business specifics, culture, and maybe most importantly their starting point. The journey to the cloud provides many options, features, functionalities, as well as opportunities to improve existing governance, operations, implement new ones, and even redesign the applications to take advantage of the cloud architectures.

When starting this migration, Azure Stack has a number of ISV partner solutions which would help you start with what you already have and progress to modernizing your applications as well as your operations. These are described in the “Azure Stack at its core is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform” blog series.

Data protection and disaster recovery

Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 is now available through Azure Stack Marketplace making to possible to protect both Windows and Linux-based workloads running in the cloud from one centrally managed console. Refer to this document to learn about all data protection and disaster recovery partner solutions that support Azure Stack platform.


The VM-Series next-generation firewall from Palo Alto Networks allows customers to securely migrate their applications and data to Azure Stack, protecting them from known and unknown threats with application whitelisting and threat prevention policies. You can learn more about the VM-series next-generation firewall on Azure Stack.

Developer platform and tools

We continue to invest in open source technologies and Bitnami helps us make this possible with their extensive application catalog. Bitnami applications can be found on the Azure Stack Marketplace and can easily be launched directly on your Azure Stack platform. Learn more about Bitnami offerings.

With self-service simplicity, performance and scale, Iguazio Data Science Platform empowers developers to deploy AI apps faster on the edge. Iguazio Data Science Platform will be soon available through Azure Stack Marketplace.

IoT solutions

PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform is designed for rapidly developing industrial IoT solutions, with the ability to scale securely from the cloud to the edge. ThingWorx runs on top of Microsoft Azure or Azure Stack, and leverages Azure PAAS to bring best in class IIoT solution to the manufacturing environment. Deploying ThingWorx on Azure Stack enables you to bring your cloud-based industry 4.0 solution to the factory floor. Experience on the show floor a demonstration of how ThingWorx Connect factory solution pulls data from real factory assets and makes insightful data available in prebuilt applications that can be customized and extended using ThingWorx Composer and Mashup builder.

Intelligent Edge devices

With the private preview of Iot Hub in Azure Stack, we are very excited to see our customers and partners creating solutions that perform data collection and AI inferencing in the field. Intel and its partners have created hardware kits that support IoT Edge and seamlessly integrate with Azure Stack. A few examples of such kits are the IEI Tank and up2, that enables the creation of computer vision solutions and deep learning inference using CPU, GPU, or an optional VPU. Those kits allow you to kick-start your targeted application development with a superior out-of-the-box experience, that includes pre-loaded software like the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO™.

View all partner solutions available on Azure Stack Marketplace

Enhancing Microsoft’s commercial marketplace for partners

As we head into the global partner conference Microsoft Inspire on July 14-18, 2019, a big focus is on rethinking how we make it easier for customers to discover, try, and buy cloud-based software and services from our partners. Today, we’re excited to announce new tools, commerce options, and a rewards program through the Microsoft commercial marketplace that help partners leverage this important distribution channel.

Commercial marketplace as a new distribution channel

Many people think of a commercial marketplace as a simple catalog of offer listings which are often difficult to navigate.  For customers, they are often linked off to a different experience for trial and purchase. Publishers and partner selling solutions are challenged by how to differentiate their solutions to stand out in the volume of offers.

We are working with our partner community to ensure the commercial marketplace experiences deliver a new distribution channel to drive their business growth. For example, Microsoft AppSource targets business decision makers while Azure Marketplace targets IT and developers. This includes having the commerce capabilities and solution supply to capture the rising customer demand in online enterprise software purchases.

Microsoft’s commercial marketplace has at its core, one product catalog, which includes both Microsoft cloud software and services as well as software and services from our partners built on top of and to connect with one or more cloud services offered by Microsoft (Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and Azure) publishing as transactable offers. This is not just for independent software vendors (ISVs) creating repeatable intellectual property (IP). The commercial marketplace experiences also support offers from managed service providers (MSPs) and consulting services from systems integrators (SIs) such as one-day assessments, migration offers, and more.

Diagram illustrating one product catalog from Microsoft's commercial marketplace with cater to publishers and buyers

Customers can discover, try, and buy solutions from the marketplace in one of three ways:

  1. Direct from the publishers
  2. Through our field sales teams who retire quota for selling eligible partner solutions, or
  3. Through our global distribution channel, where we now also pay the channel a 10 percent incentive to sell marketplace publisher solutions with a transactable SaaS offer, and who participate in the IP co-sell program. 

Customers are looking for quicker buying experiences where they can purchase Microsoft products AND solutions from our partners – together in one place, with one transaction, on a unified invoice, which the commercial marketplace provides.

Using the commercial marketplace as a strategic distribution channel will require partners to think about their business model in new and different ways, which can provide significant new revenue streams. For instance, any publisher can continue to list or trial their solution in Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace, but the impact will likely be similar to what they face today, where the customer discovery experience is crowded due to volume of offers and the publisher struggles to differentiate their solution. However, when a publisher chooses to transact in Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, they get access to a whole new set of benefits and ways to sell:

  • Gain access to a global reseller channel with over 70,000 cloud solution providers (CSP) in over 140 countries who receive an incentive directly from Microsoft when they resell publisher solutions.
  • Provides simplified deal-making with custom contract amendments.
  • Centralized partnership experience via Partner Center for the commercial marketplace onboarding, lead sharing, deal registration, benefits, incentives, sales analytics, and investments.
  • New go-to-market (GTM) benefits via marketplace rewards that unlocks GTM benefits for publishers as they reach various transaction thresholds.

A single onboarding and management experience

Whether a customer buys direct through Microsoft field sellers or through CSP, each of these channels is accessible and managed by partners through a single ingestion point known as Partner Center. Within Partner Center, publishers can publish marketplace offers and manage their engagements, while resellers can bundle Microsoft software and services with publisher’s software and services. This simplifies customer, publisher, and reseller engagement with one transaction and one invoice.

New commerce options

To accompany this new publisher experience, we’ve released new commerce capabilities that partners of all sizes are already starting to benefit from such as ESRI with site-based SaaS, Barracuda, and Trend Micro who use custom business models for their SaaS-based applications. Approved Contact, Crossware, and MongoDB are also using the per-seat SaaS capabilities and managed services from long-time Microsoft partners like Ingram Micro.

These new commerce enhancements allow publishers to customize their offers to meet customer needs and scale through the global reach of Microsoft’s customer and channel communities.

Marketplace rewards

We’re also sharing marketplace rewards, which is a new benefits program which will enhance the success of publishers with transactable offers in the commercial marketplace. Through the program publishers can unlock sales, marketing, and technical benefits to help accelerate their success. As a publisher’s business grows they’ll continue to unlock more benefits designed to provide support at every stage of their growth. This comes with a new badging program for Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace that will quickly direct customers to partner solutions they can trust, which will work with cloud services from Microsoft. We will be publishing additional details on the program next week during Microsoft Inspire.

With these capabilities, publishers will be able to create new revenue streams, reach new customers in new markets, and grow their business faster than ever before.

Next steps

Learn more about how to onboard and publish your offers at Partner Center, how to list them on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace, and how to take advantage of the new go-to-market services and onboarding resources.

Visit the Microsoft Inspire site, which will be updated with materials, photos, and keynote replays for more highlights from the event.

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 39

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 136 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


ACR Lift & Shift

ACR Lift & Shift: Stratum ACR Lift and Shift is an enterprise methodology available for customers of all sizes. Stratum has designed a turnkey, repeatable process for mass migrations to Azure that will increase cloud adoption.

All in One Marketing Automation & CDP 4-Wk PoC

All in One Marketing Automation & CDP: 4-Wk PoC: Related Marketing Cloud offers personalization and marketing automation solutions for omnichannel marketing integrated with Customer Data Platform to increase conversion rates for customer lifecycle stages.


AllOrg: Wavelip’s AllOrg is an Azure-based platform for end-users to easily and quickly create a computer automation system. What Wix and WordPress do for your websites, AllOrg does for your internal system to handle your information.

AltitudeCDN Multicast

AltitudeCDN Multicast+: Multicast+ is integrated with Microsoft 365, making it easy for organizations using Microsoft Stream, Teams, Yammer, and Skype for Business to conduct live video broadcasts without stressing the corporate network.

appICE Growth Marketing Platform

appICE Growth Marketing Platform: appICE ensures customer profiling and segmentation is available on the fly and enables a single dashboard that tracks users’ lifecycle from acquisition to monetization to churn.

AppService certificate automation tool

AppService certificate automation tool: This application provides easy automation of the Let’s Encrypt for Azure app service.

arQive Digital Media Platform

arQive Digital Media Platform: arQive provides a complete solution to store, use, and share digital media files. This application is available only in Dutch.

Azure Monitor for Citrix Environments

Azure Monitor for Citrix Environments: Use the power of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics with this agent for your Citrix Workers – servers and desktops. Collected data are analyzed and shown in your Azure Monitor workspace.


BABEL: The BABEL cloud-based library system centrally manages inventory and reservations with its branch function. This application is available only in Japanese.

Calfitec Grid - calculs intensifs

Calfitec Grid – calculs intensifs: Calfitec is an innovative calculation engine with a user interface in natural mathematical language and automatic, exhaustive documentation ensuring the calculation audit trail. This application is available only in French.

CampusPlan for Azure

CampusPlan for Azure: CampusPlan is a school information system that centralizes information, boosts efficiency, and improves student service. This application is available only in Japanese.

CareX Healthcare Communicator

CareX Healthcare Communicator: CareX Healthcare Communicator automates communication workflows using text, voice, and email, which helps providers, payers, and FQHCs reduce their workload while engaging patients at scale before, during, and after care.

Computer Aided Dispatch

Computer Aided Dispatch: RapidDeploy Computer Aided Dispatch combines advanced telematics with first-hand experience to provide relevant, intuitive systems that help maximize the efficiency of service and enable teams to share and report critical information in real time.

COPD Service

COPD Service: The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Service allows high-risk patients to securely share health data from connected hardware with healthcare professionals.

Cyber Security Awareness Solution

Cyber Security Awareness Solution: Terranova Security Cyber Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation Platform helps CISOs and security professionals instill a culture of security and reduce human risk by increasing alertness to cyberattacks.

DeepCam Loss Prevention

DeepCam Loss Prevention: DeepCam’s core IP, (Deep Learning)2, combines facial recognition with deep data mining to deliver accurate predictions from source data others consider inadequate.


devNXT_Architect_Bot_Integration: This information and document chatbot helps developers by providing pre-created sample projects and templates of different kinds of software as well as information related to these projects.


devNXT_Face_Integration: The application recognizes a patient’s face and retrieves their records, which is useful in the health sector for electronics health record retrieval.


devNXT_Image_Classification: Image Classifier can be used to predict online sales growth and provide all information about a product.

Discovery Hub with Azure Data Lake and SQL MI

Discovery Hub with Azure Data Lake and SQL MI: Discovery Hub provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft data platforms, allowing you to connect to various data sources, catalog, model, move, and document data for analytics and AI.

Discovery Hub with Azure Data Lake SQL MI and AAS

Discovery Hub with Azure Data Lake SQL MI and AAS: Discovery Hub provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft data platforms, allowing you to connect to various data sources, catalog, model, move, and document data for analytics and AI.

Dodai Campus

Dodai Campus: Dodai Campus has all the necessary functions for teaching and academic affairs from kindergarten to university. This application is available only in Japanese.


Effector: Effector has a robust BPMN 2.0-compliant workflow engine with visual workflow designer, making the platform suitable for back-office workflow digitalization projects.


FAISapp: FAISapp is an innovative software product that offers a range of digital options to replace paper-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive processes.

Field Service Management System

Field Service Management System: Tuten Labs’ state-of-the-art field service management solution helps streamline core activities for all stakeholders related to the field operations business.


FlourishDx: The FlourishDx cloud-based platform combines risk management with wellbeing promotion to assist in the prevention of mental illness and optimize employee mental health.

Intelligent Store - Smart Pages

Intelligent Store – Smart Pages: The Intelligent Store suite provides tools for efficient communication between online retail and customers to personalize the experience for each client. This application is available only in Portuguese.

Intelligent Workplace - LiveTiles QnA Bot

Intelligent Workplace – LiveTiles QnA Bot: RDA delivers an easy-to-use platform built on the Azure QnA Maker and Azure Language Understanding services, providing a way to quickly build out QnA bots.

ITRS OP5 Monitor

ITRS OP5 Monitor: OP5 Monitor for the enterprise monitors the complete stack from hardware level all the way up to application layer.

Lenus Digital Health Platform

Lenus Digital Health Platform: Lenus enables patient-generated health data in the form of physiology and patient reported outcomes from apps, wearables, and sensors to be shared with health professionals and machine learning models as part of new care pathways.

Manage and secure your Microsoft 365 and Azure

Manage and secure your Microsoft 365 and Azure: Softeng’s self-management portal allows customers to manage their cloud subscriptions directly and as autonomously as desired while optimizing and gaining visibility of their usage.

Microsoft Professional Program(Open edX on Azure)

Microsoft Professional Program (Open edX on Azure): The Microsoft Professional Program service enables students to acquire the skills required in the fourth industrial revolution era through a series of online courses. This application is available only in Korean.


moca: moca is a cloud-based e-learning system based on one of the most widely used open source learning management systems. This solution is available only in Japanese.

New Retail solution with supply chain digitized

New Retail solution with supply chain digitized: New Retail merges online, offline, and logistics to create a dynamic new world of retailing. The concept turns traditional convenience stores into self-service fulfilment centers located regionally or locally.

New World Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

New World Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD): This application manages single- or multi-jurisdictional dispatching activities for law enforcement, fire, and EMS, empowering dispatchers and call takers with rapid access to data, mapping capabilities, and more.

O365 Migration by SkyKick

O365 Migration by SkyKick: The SkyKick Migration Suite helps IT partners automate entire Office 365 migration projects from pre-sales to project completion.


OBC: Make all My Number jobs in your company safe and effortless and store all My Number data securely in Azure. This application is available only in Japanese.

OBC (SaaS)

OBC (SaaS): Make all My Number jobs in your company safe and effortless and store all My Number data securely in Azure. This application is available only in Japanese.

OCR by Primesoft

OCR by Primesoft: This multilingual application speeds up the process of data entry by analyzing scanned document images.

Odyssey Courts & Justice Solution

Odyssey Courts & Justice Solution: Odyssey’s powerful web-based court solutions are anchored by Odyssey Case Manager, offering robust solutions for judges, clerks, and attorneys, as well as the public.

Omnimap - Low code-No code Rapid Innovation Power

Omnimap – Low code/No code Rapid Innovation Power: Built on Azure, Omnimap continuously adds new low-code functionality to the platform and provides centrally managed access to external APIs.

OneStream Software

OneStream Software: Deployed in the cloud or on-premises, OneStream’s single unified platform simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics, and financial data for large enterprises worldwide.

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing - Cloud Solution

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing – Cloud Solution: OpenLM is a management system for engineering software licenses that monitors and analyzes the usage of software in your organization and allows you to enforce the usage policy of your floating licenses.

Oscar Campus CRM

Oscar Campus CRM: Designed with the help of many schools, Oscar Campus CRM is dedicated exclusively to higher education institutions. This application is available only in French.

OWI Mail

OWI.Mail: OWI provides large companies with an omnichannel virtual assistant based on a new semantic approach, automating tasks with low added value and processing emails based on their real priority.

Palo Alto Networks VM-Series

Palo Alto Networks VM-Series: The VM-Series next-generation firewall allows developers and cloud security architects to embed inline threat and data loss prevention into their application development workflows.

Paxata Self Service Data Preparation (SaaS)

Paxata Self Service Data Preparation (SaaS): Paxata Self-Service Data Preparation is a solution for business analysts and data professionals to discover, ingest, explore, transform, and export data, creating clean and contextual information from raw data.

Pivotal Postgres

Pivotal Postgres: Pivotal Postgres on Azure is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.

PiXYZ Review

PiXYZ Review: PiXYZ Review is a cost-efficient CAD viewer that enables users to easily import a wide range of complex assemblies from industry-leading solutions and perform desktop, VR, or AR collaborative reviews.


plmpacklib: TreeDiM’s web application and web services give access to a full library of parametric models for packaging and a set of stacking optimization tools for packing, palletization, and truck or container loading.

Pluriportail Mobile

Pluriportail Mobile: Pluriportail Mobile brings together K-12 school administrators, teachers, parents, and students to enhance communication and collaboration. This application is available only in French.

PowerInbox Email Monetization

PowerInbox Email Monetization: With its data algorithms and sophisticated matching capability, PowerInbox gives publishers insight into the types of content they should be creating to drive more clicks and keep customers happy.

PowerStats - managing associations' industry data

PowerStats – managing associations’ industry data: PowerStats is an intelligent platform that enables trade bodies – be it an association, society, institute, organization, council, or college – to effortlessly collect, manage, and visualize industry data from members.

Predica Cargo Management Example

Predica Cargo Management Example: Predica Cargo Management is a customized, integrated system that gathers information on shipment localization and potential obstacles to make it easy to plan alternate routes.

PriceSynergy advanced eCommerce market analytics

PriceSynergy advanced eCommerce market analytics: The PriceSynergy suite of business tools allows you to identify weaknesses and strengths in your product portfolio and adjust accordingly.

Printer Management - easyPRIMA & Fleet Management

Printer Management – easyPRIMA & Fleet Management: SEAL Systems’ Printer Management solution includes the maintenance, administration, installation, and removal of printers in a multiple system environment (SAP, Windows, etc.) in one central database.


ProcessRobot – Scalable Robot Process Automation: With ProcessRobot, all enterprise stakeholders and process owners can rely on a single, easy-to-use automation platform to automate processes, distribute workloads to robots, and track and assess performance.

Product Cloud - Product Matching

Product Cloud – Product Matching: The Product Cloud Suite provides tools to organize the catalogs of online retailers, helping improve customer experience. This application is available only in Portuguese.


ProjectReady: ProjectReady is a modern end-to-end project management and document control solution for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

Punchh Acquire

Punchh Acquire: Punchh Acquire obtains a customer’s digital identity and creates a dynamic customer profile used to generate and deliver targeted marketing offers that drive omnichannel engagement in-store and online.

Punchh Loyalty

Punchh Loyalty: Punchh Loyalty helps restaurants, physical retailers, and CPG brands convert customers to brand advocates by creating consistent and powerful experiences both in-store and online.

Punchh Offers

Punchh Offers: With Punchh, brands are equipped with the end-to-end functionality required to run a successful campaign – ranging from real-time offer code generation and omnichannel distribution and processing to offer reporting and insights, fraud prevention, and more.

Q10 Academico

Q10 Académico: Q10 Académico is a cloud-based solution that supports academic, administrative, and virtual education management for educational institutions. This application is available only in Spanish.

Questica Budget

Questica Budget: Questica Budget is a fully featured, multi-user web-based operating, capital, and salary budgeting and performance measurement tool.

Quick License Manager

Quick License Manager: Quick License Manager is a license protection framework that creates professional and secure license keys to protect software against piracy.

QUNIS Automation Engine

QUNIS Automation Engine: QUNIS Automation Engine is a solution for automated code generation, deployment, and maintenance of Data Warehouse solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server. This application is available only in German.


Records365: Records365 brings hassle-free compliance to content stored in a variety of sources. Manage content without cumbersome manual processes or interfering with the daily workflow of your end users.

RedLock Cloud Threat Defense and Compliance

RedLock Cloud Threat Defense and Compliance: Prisma Public Cloud (formerly RedLock) dynamically discovers cloud resources and sensitive data across AWS, Azure, and GCP to detect risky configurations and identify network threats, suspicious user behavior, malware, data leakage, and more.


REFLEKT Remote: REFLEKT Remote is a “one-button solution” that connects technicians on-site with the right support experts and allows real-time video support with augmented reality.

RemoteScan Enterprise

RemoteScan Enterprise: RemoteScan Enterprise makes it easy to connect your scanners to an Azure cloud environment, enabling you to scan documents directly from applications hosted in Azure.

Revenue Premier Integrated Tax Solution on Azure

Revenue Premier Integrated Tax Solution on Azure: Revenue Premier, hosted in the Azure Government Cloud, gives agencies an adaptive and capable software solution with world-class standards adherence and compliance.

RoboMQ Hybrid Integration Platform

RoboMQ Hybrid Integration Platform: RoboMQ accelerates digital transformation and helps businesses generate competitive advantage by creating integrated business processes using SaaS, cloud, on-premises applications, and IoT devices.

Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure

Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure: Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure simplifies backup and recovery, delivers automation at scale, and accelerates your cloud journey to Azure.

Sagitec HealHub

Sagitec HealHub: HealHub is an enterprise-class HIPAA-compliant digital health stack built on Azure that ingests and merges/transforms data, ensures data quality, manages lineage, and performs analytics.

Samsung SDS Nexledger

Samsung SDS Nexledger: Easily deploy and configure your Nexledger blockchain in a structured DevOps environment.

Sensing  for Agriculture by The Yield

Sensing+ for Agriculture by The Yield: Sensing+ is an integrated system of hardware and software that provides visibility over crop growing conditions as they happen and seven days in advance.

SICCAR Enterprise Blockchain Platform

SICCAR Enterprise Blockchain Platform: SICCAR Enterprise Blockchain Platform has a comprehensive set of templates and tools so that you can design and deploy your application quickly and with the customization you require.

Sideways 6

Sideways 6: Sideways 6 is idea management software for Microsoft Yammer and Teams, enabling employees to share ideas using the tools they know and love.

Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting

Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting: Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting is a solution for manufacturing-sales enterprises that wish to avoid the losses that occur when failing to respond effectively to market demand.

Sincro - Intégrez l'entreprise étendue

Sincro – Intégrez l’entreprise étendue: Sincro is a management and intermediation platform that allows you to control your processes and develop your network. This application is available only in French.

Sinefa Probe

Sinefa Probe: Organizations use Sinefa to boost the customer experience by ensuring business-critical applications are given priority over the data network and are protected from aggressive and recreational data traffic.


SiteFlow: SiteFlow offers an agile work methodology that unleashes your productivity, centralizes your knowledge, and makes your procedures and technical content reusable from one project to another.

Skolebordet dashboard

Skolebordet dashboard: Schoolboard is a collaboration portal to Microsoft Office 365 for Education, making it easy for teachers and students to start using Office 365 and all its possibilities.

SkyKick Cloud Backup for Office 365

SkyKick Cloud Backup for Office 365: SkyKick Cloud Backup for Office 365 is an ideal second service for Office 365 that helps protect customer data, improves customer retention, and increases recurring revenue.

Smart Building - Integrated Visitor-Guest Journey

Smart Building – Integrated Visitor/Guest Journey: Built on the Omnimap platform and powered by Azure, our solution connects email and calendars, access systems, point of sales systems, lockers, and suppliers to provide guests with a fully integrated experience.


SmartForest: SmartForest enables the complete management of end-to-end forest inventory in a single solution, delivering powerful insights and combining information generated by IoT devices and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Smartwork mobile

Smartwork mobile: With Smartwork mobile, your employees always have their worklist ready on their mobile device. The integrated appointment calendar allows quick visualization and simple adjustment of scheduled appointments. This application is available only in German.

Spectrum Customization Platform

Spectrum Customization Platform: With Spectrum, everyone’s a product designer. From WebGL product design through factory integration, Spectrum is an end-to-end solution for product customization.

SQL 2008-R2 End of Support

SQL 2008/R2 End of Support: Avoid business disruptions and use this as an opportunity to modernize your environment in Azure. Our support means your IT can focus on things that matter and drive the business forward.

StagedPay Credit Card-ACH-Recurring Payment Portal

StagedPay Credit Card/ACH/Recurring Payment Portal: StagedPay safeguards your customers’ credit card information whether you take orders over the phone, online, or in person.

Starburst Presto (v 302-e) for Azure HDInsight

Starburst Presto (v 302-e) for Azure HDInsight: Architected for the separation of storage and compute, Presto queries data in Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, relational databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and more.

Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance

Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance: The Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance helps you in a seamless transition to the cloud. All the multilevel security features that have contributed to the success of Stormshield products are available in this dedicated application.


Stratio: By applying machine learning models to detect anomalies and faults, Stratio allows vehicle development teams to automatically find and continuously label new issues and deviations in data.

StreamWeaver for Azure Application Insights

StreamWeaver for Azure Application Insights: StreamWeaver utilizes built-in Azure assignment groups to forward events, allowing IT to focus on event routing instead of setting up events in source tools​.

StreamWeaver for Azure Logs

StreamWeaver for Azure Logs: StreamWeaver enables sending Azure Logs data to Splunk in real time, avoiding the additional step to stage the data first in Azure Event Hubs. This provides a cost-effective solution that allows customers to integrate Azure and Splunk quickly.

Sunlight Enterprise

Sunlight Enterprise: Sunlight Enterprise is an end-to-end solution including rating, policy, billing, claims, CRM (agent, insured, agency, etc.), workflow, producer management, BI reporting, and data warehousing.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for HPC

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for HPC: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for HPC is a highly scalable, high performance, open source operating system that provides a parallel computing platform for high performance data analytics.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC (Priority)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC (Priority): SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for HPC is a highly scalable, high performance, open source operating system that provides a parallel computing platform for high performance data analytics.

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection for Storage

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection for Storage: Use Symantec Cloud Workload Protection for Storage (CWP for Storage) to protect your Azure Blob Storage from malware using Symantec’s latest built-in anti-malware technologies.

Synergy JOIN

Synergy JOIN: Synergy JOIN provides a simple, user-friendly method to schedule and start video meetings. Users can book a meeting in Outlook without plug-ins and join with one click from videoconference systems, desktop, and mobile regardless of vendor.


Talentsoft: Talentsoft is a European leading developer of cloud-based talent management software. Its application provides concrete results in recruitment, performance, career development, learning, compensation management, as well as core HR and analytics.


TeamSearch: TeamSearch delivers a unified set of relevant search results for content found in email, Skype conversations, Teams, Yammer, and more. Search using custom parameters and intelligently filter the results to provide insights that span your team.

Telebreeze IPTV-OTT Platform

Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Platform: Telebreeze Video Platform provides a flexible, modular, open ecosystem that enables TV operators to offer competitive next-generation video services. The platform includes advanced technologies, management features, and more.

Thingscare Remote Access

Thingscare Remote Access: Thingscare Remote Access is a simple remote tool for kiosk, digital signage, and IoT devices.

TIBCO Cloud Mashery

TIBCO Cloud Mashery: TIBCO Cloud Mashery delivers full lifecycle API management capabilities for enterprises adopting cloud-native development and deployment practices, such as DevOps, microservices, and containers.


Touchify: Touchify is a SaaS platform that allows enterprises to create, share, and analyze interactive content for their touch screens with no technical skills.

Track-em - Materials, Activity & Asset Tracking

Track’em – Materials, Activity & Asset Tracking: Replace your spreadsheets, paper forms, and manual processes with a modern platform to improve productivity and achieve your schedules on time.


Transparency-One: Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyze, and monitor all suppliers, components, and facilities in the supply chain, from source to store.

Tulip Manufacturing App Platform Free Trial

Tulip Manufacturing App Platform Free Trial: Build apps for all your shop-floor needs with intuitive visual development. Create user-friendly, functional apps that improve the productivity of your operations, without writing any code.

UiPath Orchestrator (WebApp with SQL)

UiPath Orchestrator (WebApp with SQL): UiPath Orchestrator is a web application that enables you to securely schedule, manage, and control your enterprise-wide digital workforce of UiPath robots.

Vade Secure for Office 365

Vade Secure for Office 365: Vade Secure augments the reputation and signature-based defenses of Office 365 with AI-based predictive email defense, helping to protect users from advanced phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks.

VivoSense Data Services

VivoSense Data Services: VivoCapture and VivoSense provide a regulatory compliant platform for the analysis of wearable sensor data in pharmaceutical clinical trials. The platform makes use of Azure authentication and secure cloud storage.

Vormetric Data Security Manager v620

Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.2.0: The Vormetric Data Security Manager provisions and manages keys for Vormetric Data Security Platform solutions including Vormetric Transparent Encryption, Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking, and more.

VRTY - Education through Virtual Reality

VRTY – Education through Virtual Reality: This easy-to-use platform supports teachers and students in creating, building, and sharing their curriculum-aligned projects for others to experience.

Vyu realtime streaming CDN

Vyu realtime streaming CDN: The Vyu real-time CDN is a patent-pending innovation that delivers live streams at sub-second latency to any digital user.

WATS - Test Data Management

WATS – Test Data Management: WATS for electronics and electromechanics manufacturers features global data acquisition from your own and sub-contracted manufacturing and a top-down approach to data analytics that guides your investigation to the most pressing issues.

Webalo Appliance for Azure

Webalo Appliance for Azure: Webalo’s patented technology enables companies to easily transform their enterprise applications into actionable, persona-based applications, where each user has the information needed on their device to help get their job done.

Windows Server - End of Support

Windows Server – End of Support: Avoid business disruptions and use this as an opportunity to modernize your environment in Azure.


xGenCloud: This cloud service provides a full cycle of work with genetic data, ranging from differential diagnosis and recommendations for genetic testing to clinical interpretation of the results of genetic tests.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics: Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence, reporting, and analytics service that enables users to visually analyze large amounts of data.

Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect: With a host of built-in tools and integrations with other apps, Zoho Connect simplifies your team’s work and increases productivity.

Consulting services

1 Day Workshop - Windows as a Service Planning

1 Day Workshop: Windows as a Service Planning: This is a 1-day planning and knowledge transfer engagement to review the current state of Windows-as-a-Service and deploying Windows 10 on Azure.

AI Ideation Workshop - 5 Hour Workshop

AI Ideation Workshop: 5 Hour Workshop: Do you find yourself wondering how AI could amplify your business sites or applications? Our experts will work with your team to explore scenarios where AI solutions can add maximum benefit and support market competitiveness.

Azure Accelerator - 2-Week Implementation

Azure Accelerator: 2-Week Implementation: The Azure Accelerator combines planning, migration, mentorship, and management support to increase your cloud knowledge and set the foundation for future success.

Azure Accelerator - 2-Week Implementation (US)

Azure Accelerator: 2-Week Implementation (US): The Azure Accelerator combines planning, migration, mentorship, and management support to increase your cloud knowledge and set the foundation for future success.

Azure Foundation 4-Week Implementation

Azure Foundation 4-Week Implementation: Azure Foundation solves some of the biggest challenges organizations face when using and consuming services on the platform. The three pillars of this offering are Azure security, Azure governance, and Azure cost management.

Azure Infrastructure Design 1-Wk Assessment

Azure Infrastructure Design: 1-Wk Assessment: This assessment is based on outputs of two workshops, delivered on-site over five days, where consideration is given to how Azure will assist with consolidation of IT assets, including decommissioning superfluous assets.

AzureStart Oracle to Azure 4 Week Implementation

AzureStart: Oracle to Azure 8-Wk Implementation: AzureStart is typically a short-term, high-value engagement based on a series of repeatable steps that can be used to incrementally, securely, and safely migrate selected Oracle workloads to the cloud.

BizTalk Migrate-Upgrade to Azure Cloud - 3-Day POC

BizTalk Migrate/Upgrade to Azure Cloud – 3-Day POC: By focusing on your integration workloads, you will leave this POC with an understanding of what it takes to migrate all your BizTalk applications to Azure and a preliminary plan to help get you started.

Data Science & ML  - 1-2 day Assessment

Data Science & ML – 1/2 day Assessment: Understand the suitability of your data and architecture, and validate your business challenge to prove that data science can drive value for your business.

Economic Assessment - Modern Workplace 4 weeks

Economic Assessment – Modern Workplace (4 weeks): The Stratum engagement model is designed to be agile and act as an extension of your team, allowing your team to quickly realize ROI and improve profitability by increasing operational throughput and scalability.

Economic Assessment & Migration - Azure  4 Week

Economic Assessment & Migration – Azure (4 Weeks): Our process allows your team to quickly realize ROI and improve profitability by increasing operational throughput and scalability.

Image Recognition Application 8-Week Imp

Image Recognition Application: 8-Week Imp: This is an application that enables companies to automate and scale the process of data extraction from physical documents such as CNH, CPF, and any other document through an API using image recognition.

Microsoft Azure AI Chatbot Development

Microsoft Azure AI Chatbot Development: While the benefits of chatbots may seem clear, how your company should use chatbots is more complicated as it depends on the company’s line of business. That’s where we come in to provide you with best suggestions and solutions.

ML & AI Accelerator Assessment 2-Hr Assessment

ML & AI Accelerator Assessment: 2-Hr Assessment: This assessment will review a customer’s environment to determine its present state, including business and technology maturity around AI adoption.

Predictive Analytics ML AI 2-Hr Briefing

Predictive Analytics, ML, AI: 2-Hr Briefing: We invite you to spend a couple of hours with our machine learning experts to see how the process works and discuss how we can help you utilize predictive analytics to optimize your business performance.

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 38

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 121 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AGIR Seguranca Cibernetica

AGIR Segurança Cibernética – Certificação PCI DSS: Obtain PCI DSS certification by performing gaps analysis, generating reports with action plans, consulting for correction of nonconformities, conducting vulnerability scans and intrusion tests, and more.


AnatomyX: By providing an immersive, anatomically accurate learning environment and offering collaborative learning experiences, AnatomyX is revolutionizing the way students learn anatomy.

Artig-io Artigio is a turnkey solution for the digitalization and publication of museums’ and libraries’ collections. It offers proven technology based on Azure, unlimited data storage, unlimited users, and more.


Askdata: Askdata enables business users to interact with data by leveraging the power of natural language – both text and voice. Askdata proactively delivers AI-driven insights fueled by users’ preferences, behavior, or predictive algorithms

Augmented Reality Enterprise Cloud Platform

Augmented Reality Enterprise Cloud Platform: Imagination Park’s Augmented Reality mobile technology allows you to integrate the digital world into the real world in minutes. Create captivating AR content, branding, marketing, and sales campaigns that drive results.

Better Platform

Better Platform: Intended to serve as a health data platform based on community-sourced clinical data models, Better provides a clinical data repository for lifelong electronic patient health records used for care coordination and chronic disease management.

BIIS - Plataforma colaborativa de Transporte

BIIS – Plataforma Colaborativa de Transporte: BIIS offers logistic services for cargo transport where the shipper requests, quotes, and assigns trips to reliable carriers. This application is available only in Spanish.

BIM - Big Data Management

BIM – Big Data Management: Big Data Management helps companies in the three main phases of efficient data management: capture, processing, and visualization.

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a Service: Blockchain as a Service for proxy voting allows central securities depositories, in conjunction with key stakeholders, to provide general meeting services with an easy, user-friendly, and secure tool for voting remotely.


Building: Building is a web app that provides a snapshot of facilities and infrastructure to help manage buildings, goods, parts, staff, and support.


CampusSquare: CampusSquare creates an environment where students, teachers, and staff members share, collect, and provide necessary information quickly and accurately. This application is available only in Japanese.

Centos 7-4

Centos 7.4: Based on CentOS and provided by Northbridge Secure, this distribution of Linux is an optimal solution to deliver Azure cloud servers and applications to your devices of choice.


CipherCraftMail: CipherCraftMail offers mail transmission prevention and attachment file encryption software that is compatible with Office 365. This application is available only in Japanese.


Climalytics: The Climalytics weather analytics solution automatically collects real-time weather data, such as temperature, precipitation, snow cover, and extreme weather data. Climalytics integrates with your data to help turn insights into action.


CLOMO MDM: CLOMO MDM is a device management system offering secure central management of Windows, iOS, and Android devices. This application is available only in Japanese.

Cobrança Eletrônica Agil

Cobrança Eletrônica Ágil: The Agile Electronic Billing solution brings quick and easy agility and security to accounts receivable processes. This application is available only in Portuguese.


ConnectedMagiX: The ConnectedMagiX platform is designed to help bring your customers’ location and identity together to create a new and effective channel of communication.

Contents Lifecycle Manager

Contents Lifecycle Manager: Centrally manage documents through various stages of their lifecycle, such as creation, updating, browsing, searching, storage, and discarding. This application is available only in Japanese.


DAISY: DAISY is a business intelligence service that allows anyone to easily connect to data and then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards. This application is available only in Korean.

Data Warehouse as a Service

Data Warehouse as a Service: Nihilent helps you fully realize the value of data with Data Warehouse as a Service using the Azure data platform to quickly run complex queries across petabytes of data.


DocumentExplorer: Simply browse, download, and work on your cloud files at remarkable speed, wherever you happen to be. DocumentExplorer is easy to use and optimized for touch interfaces.


eZagel: eZagel is a messaging platform that brings together the speed of the internet and the ubiquity of the mobile phone to provide organizations with an interactive, cost-effective messaging platform.

Facture Cloud

Facture Cloud: Facture Cloud offers an easy-to-navigate web solution designed for SMEs. This solution is available only in Spanish in Colombia.

FatPipe MPVPN for Azure

FatPipe MPVPN for Azure: FatPipe’s multi-line, multi-provider connectivity options enable customers to use any type of link for access to Azure-hosted applications.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud Analytics: Fraud Analytics combines technology and analytics techniques with human interaction to help detect and prevent potential fraudulent transactions.


FRENDS iPaaS: Develop, manage, and secure all your integration and API needs with one simple solution.


GAKUEN: Designed for the faculty of junior colleges, colleges, and universities, GAKUEN covers all aspects of institution management, administration, and business. This application is available only in Japanese.

Genetec Citigraf

Genetec Citigraf: Genetec Citigraf is a decision support system that unifies public safety operations across city departments, disseminates timely information, and provides greater situational awareness.

Genetec Retail Sense

Genetec Retail Sense: Genetec Retail Sense is an advanced consumer intelligence solution that empowers retailers by using existing security data to deliver insights and help transform customers’ in-store experience.

Genetec  Security Center

Genetec Security Center: Genetec Security Center is a unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and communications in one intuitive, modular solution.

Genetec Stratocast

Genetec Stratocast: Genetec Stratocast is a cloud-based video monitoring system that lets you view live and recorded video from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

GigaSECURE Cloud 5-6-00 - Hourly 100 Pack

GigaSECURE Cloud 5.6.00: GigaSECURE Cloud delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads running in Azure and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks.

GigaSECURE Cloud 5-6-00

GigaSECURE Cloud 5.6.00 Hourly (100 pack): GigaSECURE Cloud delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads running in Azure and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks.

GIHS Gijima Integrated Health Solution

GIHS (Gijima Integrated Health Solution): GIHS provides enhanced patient safety and quality of care by giving clinicians secure, flexible access to electronic health record systems while safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of patient data.


Glassbox: Glassbox empowers organizations to manage and optimize the digital lifecycle of their web and native mobile app customers.


GO1: GO1 brings all of the world’s top training providers under the same roof, providing you with a one-stop shop for learning.


Gosocket: Gosocket is an open business network that provides services and tools to facilitate the sending and receiving of electronic invoicing information.

Grapevine Orchestration Engine

Grapevine Orchestration Engine: The Grapevine Orchestration Engine unites private and public sector healthcare and research institutions along with technology companies in an effort to establish a global standardization for the exchange of healthcare data.

Haivision Media Gateway 3-0-1

Haivision Media Gateway 3.0.1: Haivision Media Gateway on Azure is ideal for transporting high quality, low-latency live video to multiple locations for corporate events and broadcast distribution.


HintEd: HintEd integrates interactive hints and popups into any software to help guide users through the task they are trying to perform.

Horus Project

Horus Project: Horus Project allows company resources to allocate the hours they dedicate to each project and each task, as well as the associated expenses of travel, diets, transportation, and others. This application is available only in Spanish.


HPC: Use the HPC cluster system if your computing resources have slowed but you have no budget to buy new compute nodes, or if you want to do parallel computing with additional resources. This application is available only in Japanese.


hubtobee: hubtobee surfs employees’ daily business trips to point out rewarding opportunities for networking that might otherwise be invisible and left to chance.

IncrediBuild Cloud Agent

IncrediBuild Cloud Agent: IncrediBuild turns your network into a virtual supercomputer, harnessing idle CPU cycles from remote machines even while the machines are in use.

IncrediBuild Pure cloud

IncrediBuild Pure Cloud: This IncrediBuild Azure Marketplace instance provides customers who’d like to accelerate their workloads with IncrediBuild in a pure cloud environment a speedy way to onboard.

Info IoT

Info IoT: Connect and manage devices and gateways, analyze streaming data, and transform business processes with Info IoT.

Infovista Ipanema  SD-WAN

Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN: By defining the quality of experience you want for your business-critical apps, Ipanema controls each user session automatically and dynamically, regardless of network conditions.

infsoft LocAware platform

infsoft LocAware platform: infsoft offers solutions for indoor navigation, asset tracking, location analytics, and process automation. In addition to indoor localization systems, infsoft focuses on geo-based assistance systems with analysis and tracking functionalities.

Inline Insight

Inline Insight: Inline Insight offers marketers from all industries a master view to marketing performance across ad channels and campaigns.

Instart Digital Experience Cloud

Instart Digital Experience Cloud: Instart DX Cloud provides continuous insights, context-aware control, and AI-driven optimizations to ensure the best performance, security, and profitability of a website without requiring manual programming or expensive consultants.

Instec Policy

Instec Policy: Configurable and scalable, Instec’s policy software backbone includes always-up-to-date bureau content and access to a library of custom rates, rules, and insurance forms so that new products never start from scratch.

Instec Underwriting

Instec Underwriting: Instec Underwriting streamlines the underwriting process and drives greater collaboration among underwriters, agents, and insureds, resulting in lower costs, better insurance underwriting decisions, and a more responsive customer experience.

Instinct Orchestration

Instinct Orchestration: Orchestration enables you and your team to make better informed, more accurate decisions during onboarding. The module combines information from a wealth of data sources to build a clear risk and opportunity profile for each applicant.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 5 Users

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (5 Users): With Intellicus BI Server, you can connect multiple, diverse data sources to bring all your data onto one platform; design interactive, visually rich reports and dashboards; and perform a 360-degree analysis on your business data.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 10 Users

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (10 Users): With Intellicus BI Server, you can connect multiple, diverse data sources to bring all your data onto one platform; design interactive, visually rich reports and dashboards; and perform a 360-degree analysis on your business data.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 25 Users

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (25 Users): With Intellicus BI Server, you can connect multiple, diverse data sources to bring all your data onto one platform; design interactive, visually rich reports and dashboards; and perform a 360-degree analysis on your business data.

Intelligent Annotator

Intelligent Annotator: Intelligent Annotator is a web-based service-oriented image object annotator environment, which makes it easier to label objects on images using smart structuring of image sets and does not require professional knowledge in development.

Intergen App Foundry

Intergen App Foundry: Intergen App Foundry provides rapid creation of tailored, fully responsive web applications for any business process.

InterSystems IRIS Evaluation Edition

InterSystems IRIS Evaluation Edition: The InterSystems IRIS Evaluation Edition is a special version of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform that has additional data, demos, and sample code included to provide you with the best evaluation experience.

IoT-nxt Energy Management

IoT.nxt Energy Management: The IoT.nxt solution enhances existing ecosystems and enables companies to experience a powerful resurgence with compelling benefits.

Irion EDM Platform and RTG

Irion EDM Platform & RTG: Irion EDM is a complete end-to-end enterprise data management platform including business glossary, metadata dictionary, data modeling, source connectivity, data discovery, data masking engine, rule engine, analytical engine, data delivery, and more.

Irion GDPR Suite

Irion GDPR Suite: Irion offers a complete module solution to manage both the GDPR intrinsic complexity and overall privacy legislation.

IRIS Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic Solution

IRIS Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic Solution: Our FDA Type II clearance provides an end-to-end diagnostic solution for early detection of disease, from patient identification to reimbursement and referral.

Ithium100 - Blockchain Supply Finance chain app

Ithium100 – Blockchain Supply Finance chain app: Ithium provides a SaaS based on blockchain that allows big supply chains to access funds as soon as the budget gets approved.


Izenda Standalone VM: Izenda is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical insights to end users across industries.

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version 7-0-2

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version 7.0.2: This solution automates order management, provisioning, and billing and can be easily integrated to support enterprise ITSM, billing, ERP, and identity systems including Microsoft AD and ADFS.

JAMS V7 BYOL - Server 2016

JAMS V7 (BYOL) – Server 2016: JAMS is an enterprise batch scheduling and workload automation solution. Define, manage, and monitor jobs through a GUI, REST or .NET API, or PowerShell cmdlets.

JumpStart Academy Math

JumpStart Academy Math: JumpStart Academy Math is an award-winning online individualized math program that provides teachers with engaging kindergarten through 5th-grade lessons for their students.

Kbot Virtual Assistant for 0365

Kbot Virtual Assistant for O365: Konverso provides an off-the-shelf enterprise virtual support assistant for Office 365 on Azure.

KeenCorp Index

KeenCorp Index: The KeenCorp Index enables companies to avoid confirmation bias and manage for success before any blind spots become liabilities or missed opportunities.

Laso Intelligence Engine

Laso Intelligence Engine: The Laso Intelligence Engine is a fully automated lending platform that uses machine learning for highly predictive risk analytics, which can be easily tailored to service a larger segment of the small business borrower population.

LCPtracker Professional

LCPtracker Professional: LCPtracker is powerful, cloud-based software used to collect, verify, and manage all your contractors’ prevailing wage certified payrolls and related labor compliance documentation.

LDAP Manager on Azure

LDAP Manager on Azure: Improve the operational efficiency of ID information and strengthen the security of your organization. This application is available only in Japanese.


LegalSim.Games: This legal workflow simulation games platform is available only in Russian.

Lexplore - AI-based literacy screening method

Lexplore – AI-based literacy screening method: Lexplore is an innovative rapid reading assessment powered by eye-tracking and artificial intelligence technologies.

Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Apps

Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Apps: Liberatii Gateway connects applications developed for Oracle database to Azure SQL.

LiveTiles Design

LiveTiles Design: LiveTiles Design is an all-in-one solution for creating beautiful, engaging sites that foster collaboration throughout your organization, effectively managing content and seamlessly integrating third-party applications in a single platform.


MagiXBill: MagiXBill is an efficient and reliable call accounting software package for monitoring and reporting telephony activity.

MATLAB Parallel Server (BYOL)

MATLAB Parallel Server (BYOL): This MathWorks-developed reference architecture for Azure incorporates best practices to let you quickly create, configure, and deploy a cluster with MATLAB Parallel Server and MATLAB Job Scheduler.

MATLAB Production Server (BYOL)

MATLAB Production Server (BYOL): This MathWorks-developed reference architecture for Azure incorporates best practices to let you quickly create, configure, and deploy a MATLAB Production Server environment.


MiBI: MiBI is an integrated financial planning and reporting solution that provides a holistic view of your organization.

Miracle Mobile Forms

Miracle Mobile Forms: Miracle Mobile Forms helps today’s forward-thinking enterprises overcome the high costs, delays, and potential errors related to paper forms.


moducoding: moducoding provides a SaaS platform for retraining and coding tests/interviews for developer hiring. This application is available only in Korean.

Moovit MaaS

Moovit MaaS: Moovit’s Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform provides a complete software solution for governments, cities, and municipalities that wish to offer MaaS to their citizens.

MOVEit Automation

MOVEit Automation: MOVEit Automation is a managed file transfer automation solution that provides secure, easy-to-use automated workflows without any programming skills.


MQcentral: MQcentral is a cloud-based, fully integrated gateway and device management platform, enabling users to provision devices and gateways on the MachineQ IoT management platform, run diagnostics, manage users, and set custom notifications.


myCloudInstant: myCloudInstant automates the deployment, installation, and configuration of SAP solutions on Azure.

Netas Cloud Monitoring

Netas Cloud Monitoring: Netas Cloud Monitoring enables customers to automate and monitor the performance of critical on-premises and cloud workloads. This application is available only in Turkish.


Nimbulis: Nimbulis consolidates and provides visibility into how information is being leveraged across an organization by bringing together people and the activities around workflows.


NUADU: NUADU is a formative, summative, and normative assessment platform deeply driven by data that helps identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge the gaps effectively.

Nucleus-io is a medical image management platform that provides secure access to images in the cloud.

Omnichannel Marketing Analytics

Omnichannel Marketing Analytics: Omnichannel Marketing Analytics integrates with your existing environments and marketing systems to bring together your disparate data sources, including web traffic, paid media, social media, traditional media, CRM, and sales.

OmniSci Enterprise Edition 4

OmniSci Enterprise Edition 4: OmniSci (formerly MapD) harnesses the massive parallel computing of GPUs for breakthrough performance at scale.

Outcome Data Platform

Outcome Data Platform: LynxCare’s platform enables hospitals and clinics to transform their existing data into insights without the need for double data entry.


Overlay+: Overlay+ helps corporate banks and their customers securely collect, index, and exchange information and documentation for transactions.

PowerLine Azure Service

PowerLine Azure Service: Upgrade your Microsoft Access and other desktop applications to Azure with no coding.

Prisma by Mobilise IT

Prisma by Mobilise IT: Prisma’s real-time administration tools put control back in the hands of IT to continuously monitor, improve, and evolve service as business requirements change.


ProductOne: ProductOne is intended for organizations and specialists who are engaged in software development based on Blockchain technology.


ProgOffice_Enterprise: ProgOffice Enterprise is a communication portal and cloud phonebook service that enables you to combine the information you want into one phonebook application. This application is available only in Japanese.


ReAccess: ReAccess provides easy access to your Azure cloud data and services as well as conversion services for Microsoft Access and other similar databases.

Refresh non-productive SAP systems easily

Refresh non-productive SAP systems easily: Libelle SystemCopy is a software solution that automates SAP system and landscape copies.


ReWeb: ReWeb provides easy access to your Azure cloud data and services as well as conversion services for Microsoft Access and other similar databases.

RF Campus

RF Campus: RF Campus is a campus management system/student information system that enables educational institutions to automate and streamline their processes.


Sensin: Understand the behavior of customers who visit physical spaces in real time.


Shelfie: Shelfie uses computer vision to understand the shelf environment and alert staff about gaps. Shelfie knows what the “perfect shelf” looks like and lets your staff know what needs to be fixed.


Shelfr: Shelfr is an in-store solution that provides FMCGs, CPGs, distributors, and retailers easy-to-use tools to plan store-specific planograms, track execution, and inspire action.

Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights: Shopper Insights is a cloud-based platform that provides dynamic customer segmentation (personas), strategic insights, and actionable recommendations to retailers, malls, and brands.


SmartCharge: By combining innovative, cutting-edge software and hardware solutions, SmartCharge solves the challenges of urban e-mobility.

Söze - Intelligence and Insights at Scale

Söze – Intelligence and Insights at Scale: Söze delivers more investigative avenues by accelerating the work currently handled by manual processes. It works by discovering information of potential interest to police, including relationships between information.

SRI - Small Retail Insights

SRI – Small Retail Insights: Small Retail Insights helps industries visualize the performance of products at neighborhood markets. This application is available only in Portuguese.


staicy: staicy is a digital health data management platform that helps those in the medical industry to go from data to knowledge by managing, analyzing, correlating, and integrating health and research data.


StatRad: StatRad is a leading teleradiology service for hospitals and radiology groups across the United States.

Time Management System

Time Management System: Make every second count with a user-friendly time and attendance solution that will help your organization accurately and efficiently manage people’s time, improve productivity, and more.

tno endeavor

tno endeavor: tno endeavor is a simple-to-use, secure, cost-effective solution supporting nonprofits that provide autism services, case management, counseling, crisis services, family services, veteran services, and other social service programs.

Unifed Source to Pay built natively on Azure

Unified Source to Pay built natively on Azure: SMART by GEP delivers comprehensive spend, sourcing, and procurement functionality in a single, unified platform for direct and indirect spend management.


VContact: VContact is a real-time speech recognition AI solution for call centers. This application is available only in Japanese.

Warranty Analytics

Warranty Analytics: The SightN2 for Warranty Analytics solution automatically ingests heterogeneous claims data from disparate sources to aggregate and analyze trends in warranty claims and processing.

WEP - Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity

WEP – Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity: WEP is a warehouse management system that optimizes, automates, measures, and controls your storage operations and distribution centers. This application is available only in Spanish.

Where You Love

Where You Love: Where You Love identifies sellers at the beginning of their real estate project and sends you their detailed information.

Consulting services

CD-DevOps Consulting Services - 8-wk Imp

CD/DevOps Consulting Services – 8-wk Imp: This consulting service helps enterprises align development and operations to achieve higher efficiency and faster time to market and to increase profitability while reducing the cost of software assets using Azure DevOps.

SAP to Azure Migration - 1-Week Implementation

SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Week Implementation: Infopulse uses the most advantageous migration scenario matching your business objectives to deliver enhanced agility, automated administration, lower costs, less complexity, and higher availability.

Microsoft commercial marketplace updates–May 2019

Today marks an exciting milestone for Microsoft’s commerce ecosystem evolution as we extend our sales channels to benefit our partners and, ultimately, our customers. With audience-specific web stores AppSource and Azure Marketplace, thousands of partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program, and a world-class enterprise sales team, Microsoft provides you with both cloud technologies and go-to-market motions.

As announced at Microsoft Build, we’re rolling out new capabilities to simplify publisher sign-up and account management, unlock powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models, and improve product discovery and purchasing. We look forward to sharing many more updates and announcements at Microsoft Inspire in July, and hope to see you there!

New partner center tooling for offer management and account settings

Whether your organization is new to Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, is well-established, or evaluating it’s options, the updates to sign-up, publishing, and offer management experiences will make life much easier.

Effective immediately, all new publisher accounts are created through a simplified and streamlined process in Partner Center. Registering as a Microsoft partner, getting a Microsoft partner network ID, and creating your publisher profile is easy and intuitive. Sign up for the Microsoft commercial marketplace program today.
If you have an existing account in the Cloud Partner Portal, you’ll receive an email inviting you to activate your account in Partner Center. From that point forward, your account and publisher information will be mastered in Partner Center and synchronized to Cloud Partner Portal.
Starting with SaaS offers and then expanding to other offer types in waves, the offer creation and management will take place in Partner Center. But don’t worry—the coexistence experience will be seamless, with automatic transition between portals without the need to open a new window. Learn more about the transition from Cloud Partner Portal to Partner Center.

An image of the commercial marketplace ovierview page within Partner Center

Commercial marketplace overview page within Partner Center

Software-as-a-Service user licensing

In 2018, Microsoft introduced the ability for partners to offer flat fee (also known as site-based) SaaS offerings on a monthly basis in the commercial marketplace, and in March 2019, we added annual billing capabilities. Now we’re introducing the option to offer seat-based SaaS subscriptions, which are licensed per user. Using Azure Active Directory for single sign on and the marketplace SaaS Fulfillment API, Microsoft’s commercial marketplace is optimized for partners delivering business solutions.

Within Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, SaaS is defined as a software solution that’s developed, deployed, managed, updated, and supported within the ISV’s infrastructure or Azure subscription.

 Software as a Service plan creation in Partner Center showing seat based billing
Software-as-a-Service plan creation in Partner Center showing seat based billing.

AppSource purchases

To complement the availability of a business solution licensing model, we’re excited to introduce a purchase experience directly in the business and industry web store, AppSource. With simply a credit card and Azure Active Directory account, customers can discover, evaluate, and purchase SaaS solutions provided by Microsoft’s partners.

Coming soon

Our teams are busy working on many more capabilities and enhancements that we’re excited to release in the future. Learn more about the commercial marketplace roadmap.

Have questions or feedback? Join the conversation in the marketplace section of the Microsoft Partner Community.



Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 36

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 22 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Bluefish Editor on Windows Server 2016

Bluefish Editor on Windows Server 2016: Apps4Rent helps you deploy Bluefish Editor on Azure. Bluefish, a free software editor with advanced tools for building dynamic websites, is targeted as a middle path between simple editors and fully integrated development environments.

BOSH Stemcell for Windows Server 2019

BOSH Stemcell for Windows Server 2019: This offer from Pivotal Software provides Windows Server 2019-based Stemcell for the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform.

Corda Opensource VM

Corda Opensource VM: R3’s Corda is an open-source blockchain platform that removes costly friction in business transactions by enabling institutions to transact directly using smart contracts and ensures privacy and security.

Datastax Distribution of Apache Cassandra

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra: DataStax offers a simple, cost-effective way to run the Apache Cassandra database in the cloud. DDAC addresses common challenges with adoption, maintenance, and support by streamlining operations and controlling costs.

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise: DataStax delivers the always-on, active-everywhere, distributed hybrid cloud NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) makes it easy for enterprises to exploit hybrid and multi-cloud environments via a seamless data layer.

FatPipe WAN Optimization for Azure

FatPipe WAN Optimization for Azure: Significantly boost wide area network performance with FatPipe WAN optimization, which appreciably increases utilization, providing effective use of bandwidth by caching/compressing that sharply reduces redundant data.

Flexbby One RU Edition

Flexbby One RU Edition: Get a comprehensive solution for complex workflow automation in sales, marketing, service, HR, and legal. Flexbby One is powerful software to help you manage the contract lifecycle, document archiving, procurement, customer service, and more.

Flowmon Collector for Azure

Flowmon Collector for Azure: Flowmon Collector serves for collection, storage, and analysis of flow data (NetFlow, IPFIX). Flowmon is a comprehensive platform that includes everything you need to get absolute control over your network through network visibility.

Innofactor QualityFirst

Innofactor QualityFirst: Get QualityFirst by Innofactor for healthcare, patient, and care instructions.

Keycloak Gatekeeper Container Image

Keycloak Gatekeeper Container Image: Keycloak Gatekeeper is an adapter that integrates with Keycloak authentication supporting access tokens in browser cookie or bearer tokens. This Bitnami Container Image is secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices.


MIKE Zero: This MIKE modeling suite from DHI A/S helps engineers and scientists who want to model water environments, and includes most of MIKE Powered by DHI’s inland and marine software.

System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) 6.3

System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) 6.3: SIMP is an open-source framework that can either enhance your existing infrastructure or allow you to quickly build one from scratch. Built on the Puppet product suite, SIMP is designed around scalability, flexibility, and compliance.

Consulting services

2 Hr Workshop - Windows in the Cloud

2 Hr Workshop: Windows in the Cloud: The planning and knowledge transfer workshop from Steeves gives an overview of the Windows 10 Servicing Model and Lifecycle and should be presented to key stakeholders such as IT management, IT staff, and IT decision makers.

Azure Accelerate

Azure Accelerate: Determine the ROI of moving your workloads into Azure. Azure Accelerate from Blue Chip Consulting will deliver insights into server inventory, financial models, target-state architecture drawings, and detailed cloud roadmaps.

Azure Storage for Archive- 2-Day Implementation

Azure Storage for Archive: 2-Day Implementation: CDW will assist you in enabling an archival solution in Azure, sharing industry-leading practices as well as identifying requirements. CDW will implement and pilot the solution in the production environment.

Azure Tiered Storage- 1-Day Implementation

Azure Tiered Storage: 1-Day Implementation: A highly skilled CDW engineer will assist you in creating storage accounts in Azure for use in conjunction with an on-premises, cloud-enabled storage appliance, resulting in a hybrid cloud storage solution.

CSP Migration- 3-Week Assessment

CSP Migration: 3-Week Assessment: SHI offers a rapid assessment and migration path for any existing Azure customer to its SHI Cloud Service Provider (CSP) offering. SHI keeps you up and running while ensuring best practices around security and manageability.

CSP Migration- 6-Week Assessment and Migration

CSP Migration: 6-Week Assessment and Migration: Need more time to move? Get this six-week assessment and migration for existing Azure customers to the SHI Cloud Service Provider (CSP) offering. SHI keeps you up and running while ensuring best practices.

Domain Controller in Azure- 1-Day Implementation

Domain Controller in Azure: 1-Day Implementation: CDW will configure up to two Azure IaaS virtual machines with the Microsoft AD DS domain controller role to connect to your existing single forest/single domain AD DS on-premises infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure AI Chatbot Development

Microsoft Azure AI Chatbot Development: This consultation with Cynoteck Technology Solutions will provide suggestions and solutions to help your company identify how to best use chatbots depending on your line of business.

SSO Using ADFS- 2-Day Implementation

SSO Using ADFS: 2-Day Implementation: CDW’s engineers will install and configure up to two Active Directory Federation Services servers and two ADFS web application proxy servers in a single location, simplifying things for your end users.

Windows Server Migration- 5-Day Implementation

Windows Server Migration: 5-Day Implementation: This offering from CDW will assist your organization in planning a pilot migration of up to five on-premises supported, non-mission-critical virtualized Windows Servers to Azure.

Announcing new Marketplace revenue opportunities

Microsoft’s success has always been based on working closely with our vibrant partner community to meet our collective customers’ needs. With the rapid growth of cloud, we have invested to ensure our partners realizes this growth as well.

Today, we’re excited to announce expanded opportunities for Microsoft partners through new marketplace investments and expanding the very successful IP Co-sell Program.

New Marketplace capabilities

Customers are pursuing cloud technology to find the right solution for their needs quickly and efficiently. To make this easier, we are expanding our marketplace investments in both AppSource and Azure Marketplace so customers can find a broader set of solutions from Microsoft and our partner ecosystem.

Our cloud marketplaces will now support transaction capabilities for SaaS solutions from partners making it a one-stop experience for customers looking for a cloud-based solution. AppSource and Azure Marketplace will offer both per-seat and per-site SaaS transaction capability for our partners who build on, extend, or connect to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform. The ISVs who offer transactable SaaS solutions in our marketplace and participate in the co-sell program will earn a reduced transaction fee of 10 percent. We will continue to invest in new marketplace capabilities to help customers find the solutions they need and enable greater partner growth.

Expanding our IP co-sell program

Two years ago, we introduced our IP Co-sell Program that brought the Microsoft salesforce, the largest enterprise salesforce in the world, to sell our partners’ solutions built on Microsoft Azure. This collaboration between ISV partners and Azure sellers generated over $5B in partner revenue in the past year from nearly 3,000 ISVs, engaging with more than 30,000 enterprise customer opportunities. Based on this incredible success, we are expanding the IP Co-sell Program beyond Azure to now also include partners building on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform. 

A new channel for ISVs

We are also expanding the IP Co-sell Program to Microsoft’s global resellers which creates a new channel for ISVs to grow their business. Starting on July 1, 2019, all Microsoft ISVs with published offers in AppSource or Azure Marketplace will have access to a new distribution method through Microsoft’s worldwide reseller channel. This opens new growth opportunities for both ISVs and reseller partners while bringing a broader range of solutions to customers.


Learn more about how to publish your solutions on AppSource and Azure Marketplace and how to take advantage of the new go-to-market services and onboarding resources.

Azure Stack IaaS – part seven

If you do it often, automate it

In the virtualization days, before cloud and self-service, it took a while to get all the approvals, credentials, virtual LANs (VLANs), logical unit numbers (LUNs), etc. It took so long, that the actual creation part was easy. When cloud came along with self-service, not only was it easier to create a virtual machine (VM) without relying on others, but it changed our thinking about whether VMs were precious or disposable. At the same time developers were moving to a world of continuous delivery to serve their customers who expect apps with a constant stream of new features. This is the reason all real clouds provide automation APIs to quickly create VMs and other resources, including the infrastructure they rely on. This is often called “Infrastructure as code.” Azure’s API is governed by the Azure Resource Manager (ARM). When you set up Azure Stack, you get your own private instance of ARM.

In this blog post I will cover the automation options in your Cloud IaaS toolkit.

Azure portal

The best place to learn this is from first completing a VM deployment through the portal. Azure Stack provides the same portal as Azure. When you get to the last confirmation page, click the Download Template link. This will show you the template that will be used to deploy the VM you just specified on the previous screens.


As you look through the template – which is in JSON format – you can see how the virtual machine, network, and storage is defined. You’ll see an OS profile and hardware profile for your VM. Using this template, you could deploy this same VM over and over. This is perfect if you’re helping your developers with Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD).


One thing about an ARM template is it is not a procedural script like you might get with standard automation tools. This template creates the resources as a single deployment transaction. ARM will either get to the goal state or the deployment will fail. If it fails, you have a chance to fix failure condition and move forward or delete the deployment and start over. This way you don’t get something other than what you specify.

Once you save your template, you can redeploy it in the portal, using the Template deployment item in the marketplace:


Learn more:
Azure Resource Manager overview
Quickstart: Create templates using the Azure Portal
Deploy resources in the portal using a custom template

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio can be scary for an infrastructure person, but if you can master some simple things, you can really help your team down the road of automation. The biggest thing that Visual Studio provides is the real-time feedback that you’re authoring the ARM JSON template correctly in terms of syntax. You don’t get this in Notepad. Get started by creating a new Azure Resource Group project:


A great way to start authoring a template is to use Quickstart templates. Azure Stack has a number of Quickstart templates you can use. When you start your new project in Select Azure Template, pick Azure Stack Quickstart from the drop-down list.


Visual Studio not only helps you author the template, it allows you to deploy the template directly to Azure Stack. When you sign into Visual Studio, all of your subscriptions in both Azure and Azure Stack show up as deployment targets. Since I use a number of Azure Stack environments, I have lots of deployment options:


Another way to create these templates is in Visual Studio Code. The ARM template is a JSON file, so you need a good lightweight authoring tool to work on the JSON file. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a great option.

After installing VS Code, you need to add the Azure Resource Manager Tools extension. This extension adds many features that simplify template authoring that help you manage variables, parameters, and resource blocks with features like including formatting and color coding. Check it out in the image below:


Learn more:
Install Visual Studio and Connect to Azure Stack
Deploy templates to Azure Stack using Visual Studio
Create a template in Visual Studio
Create a template in Visual Studio Code

PowerShell and Azure command-line interface

The Portal and Visual Studio are both deployment options for your template. PowerShell and the Azure command-line interface (CLI) are two other options. Since Azure Stack is your own private instance of the Azure Resource Manager, you need to connect to your unique instance.

To connect to Azure Stack with PowerShell, use the Add-AzureRMEnvironment cmdlet, specifying the ARM endpoint for your environment. Depending on how your Azure Stack environment has been set up, you will either authenticate using your Azure Active Directory credentials or your organization’s Azure Directory (referred to in the documentation as ADFS).

Azure CLI is Microsoft’s cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources. It works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. In Azure you can run the CLI in Cloud Shell. You can use Azure CLI to connect to Azure Stack and deploy IaaS templates. Just like PowerShell, you need to first connect to your Azure Stack’s unique ARM endpoint. For CLI you use the az cloud register command. To deploy your ARM template you use the az group deployment create command.


Please note: We have not implemented Cloud Shell on Azure Stack yet. Cloud Shell allows you to run the Azure CLI directly inside your browser. If you would like to see this, make sure you put in a vote on Azure Cloud Shell UserVoice.

Learn more:
Install PowerShell for Azure Stack
Connect to Azure Stack with PowerShell
Deploy in Azure Stack with PowerShell
Use Azure CLI on Azure Stack
Deploy Azure Resource Manager Templates with Azure CLI

The cloud is for automation

The more people use clouds like Azure and Azure Stack, the less they use the portal and the more they use automation. There is an automation option in Azure and Azure Stack for all your needs. Say goodbye to virtualization and say hello to Cloud IaaS with your automation toolkit.

In this blog series

We hope you come back to read future posts in this blog series. Here are some of our past and upcoming topics:

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 35

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From March 1 to March 15, 2019, 68 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual machines

(Basic) Apache NiFi 1.9 on CentOS 7.4(Basic) Apache NiFi 1.9 on Centos 7.6: This is a CentOS 7.6 virtual machine running an Apache NiFi 1.9 installation using default configurations. Once the VM is deployed and running, Apache NiFi can be accessed via a web browser.
CentOS 6.8Centos 6.8: This distribution of Linux is based on CentOS and is provided by Northbridge Secure Systems. NetConnect by Northbridge Secure Systems is an optimal solution to deliver Azure servers and applications to your device of choice.

Web applications 4Subsea’s digital service provides key decision support to personnel for oil and gas and offshore wind operations. Digital twins delivered on are designed to improve data quality and reduce operational costs and risk.
Additio App - Classroom managementAdditio App – Classroom management: Streamline formative assessment and engage with parents through this K-12 classroom management platform. Additio App is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, and Galician.
Aether EngineAether Engine: This distributed simulation engine will enable you to build and run dynamically scaling spatial simulations on Azure. Hadean will provide you access to a managed instance of Aether Engine and help you create a proof-of-concept simulation that runs on Azure.
Agility MetricsAgility Metrics: Agility Metrics is a dashboard that allows you to measure deployment frequency, production failure rate, average recovery time, and other KPIs of the Azure DevOps managed development lifecycle. This application is available only in Spanish.
AlphaPoint Asset Digitization (APAD)AlphaPoint Asset Digitization (APAD): AlphaPoint Asset Digitization enables institutions to tokenize illiquid assets and trade those assets on an exchange.
AlphaPoint Exchange (APEX)AlphaPoint Exchange (APEX): AlphaPoint Exchange is a full-stack digital asset trading platform. It delivers a ready-made UI/UX tool set; robust risk management with real-time error checking; and a secure, stable, white-label back-end solution that safeguards digital exchange data.
Auto AsystentAuto Asystent: Leaware S.A.’s user-friendly SaaS platform, Auto Asystent, enhances the relationship between car dealers and their customers through efficient communication, appointment management, and more. This solution is available only in Polish.
buildwagon - Hololens Development Platformbuildwagon – Hololens Development Platform: Develop for the Microsoft HoloLens faster on this cloud-based platform. buildwagon allows you to write code in JavaScript and view the results on the same screen or directly on the HoloLens.
Canopy Manage - Virtual Asset ManagementCanopy Manage – Virtual Asset Management: Canopy Manage collates business, IT, and IoT virtual and physical assets from disparate management systems and data sources into a single control portal.
Cloud Snapshot ManagerCloud Snapshot Manager: With Dell EMC’s Cloud Snapshot Manager, customers can discover, orchestrate, and automate the protection of workloads across multiple clouds based on policies for seamless backup and disaster recovery.
Digital asset management (DAM) Managed ApplicationDigital Asset Management – Managed Video Portal: This application offers a secure and centralized repository to manage videos. It offers capabilities for advanced embed, review, approval, publishing, and distribution. Deliver consistently high-quality video.
Formiik EngineFormiik Engine: Formiik Engine optimizes business processes by facilitating the work of managers, credit officers, and supervisors. It’s omnichannel and specializes in financial products. This solution is offered only in Spanish.
Fulcrum - Enabling Smart Construction ManagementFulcrum – Enabling Smart Construction Management: Fulcrum, LeapThought’s construction management system, enables consistent, streamlined, transparent, and compliant project delivery. Fulcrum offers a 360-degree capability for all project collaboration needs.
GLASIAOUS Trial EditionGLASIAOUS Trial Edition: Boost your global business with GLASIAOUS, a cutting-edge accounting app that covers seven languages and multiple accounting standards.
Grace AI PlatformGrace Platform: The Grace platform supports the entire data science workflow and is built both for organizations in the beginning of their AI and machine learning journey and for organizations with an established data science team.
IO SurgI/O Surg: Minimize costly errors in pre-op patient scheduling. I/O Surg, a front-end two-click search engine, quickly and accurately identifies the correct billing code and patient status for Medicare procedures.
Informatica Data Quality 10.2 HF1Informatica Data Quality BYOL: With the Informatica Data Quality and Governance portfolio, you can increase business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely, trustworthy data.
Instec BillingInstec Billing: Instec Billing comes with the same flexibility as Instec’s policy management system. Self-configuration allows you to customize the system to fit your business, and highly automated workflows reflect a low-touch approach that maximizes efficiency.
Intelligent Store - Behavior TriggersIntelligent Store – Behavior Triggers: The Intelligent Store suite provides tools for efficient communication between online retailers and customers. The Behavior Triggers tool follows customers’ interests, personalizing their experience. This app is available only in Portuguese.
Intelligent Store - Personal ShopIntelligent Store – Personal Shop: The Personal Shop tool enables automation of personalized digital interfaces based on customer behavior and semantic elements. This app is available only in Portuguese.
Intelligent Store - Semantic SearchIntelligent Store – Semantic Search: The Semantic Search tool combines semantics with personalization, helping online retailers better understand the context and purchase time of each potential customer. This app is available only in Portuguese.
mapulmapul: Mapul is a web application that allows you to create visual diagrams to capture your ideas and then share and present them online. Generate, visualize, and present your ideas in new ways.
MATLAB (BYOL)MATLAB (BYOL): MATLAB is a programming platform designed for engineers and scientists. It combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.
Mobile CouponMobile Coupon: Mobile Coupon encourages customer activity through coupons and push notifications. Its pre-built functions enable you to deploy your own branded application quickly and inexpensively. This application is available only in Japanese.
NiceLabel Label CloudNiceLabel Label Cloud: Label Cloud is a cloud-based version of the NiceLabel Label Management System. It enables you to digitally transform your labeling to achieve lower costs, improved quality assurance, and a faster time-to-market.
Plastic SCMPlastic SCM: Plastic SCM is a full version control stack that includes native GUIs, branching, and merge tools. It integrates with almost any issue tracker, code review, and continuous integration/continuous delivery tool, and it also incorporates build automation.
PrecedencePrecedence: The Precedence open-source ledger allows the non-blockchain specialist to easily put in place a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log that fully integrates with an existing database or file system.
PreservicaPreservica: Preservica provides digital preservation for unstructured content that needs to be kept safe, secure, and readable long-term (10 years or more), or perhaps indefinitely. Preservica preserves readable and accessible versions of every file, tagging and migrating each one.
PrimePrime: With Prime, offer a better experience for your banking customers. Issue and personalize cards within minutes. Improve efficiency by automating back-office operations and streamlining activities.
Proctorio - Learning Integrity PlatformProctorio | Learning Integrity Platform: Ensure the learning integrity of every assessment every time. Eliminate human error, bias, and much of the expense associated with remote proctoring, identity verification, and originality verification.
Product Cloud - Advanced FiltersProduct Cloud – Advanced Filters: The Product Cloud Suite provides tools to help online retailers organize their catalogs. The Advanced Filters tool extracts product characteristics, resulting in easier browsing for customers. This app is available only in Portuguese.
Product Cloud - Automatic CategorizationProduct Cloud – Automatic Categorization: The Automatic Categorization tool sorts according to the category tree fixed by online retailers and provides benchmark suggestions, looking at customer patterns and market trends. This app is available only in Portuguese.
RNA Process ManagerR3S _Process Manager: R3S Process Manager enables you to publish run archive files to a security-enhanced web server. You can use R3S Worker or a third-party grid computing system to perform the execution.
Retina - AI based Retail Analytics SuiteRetina – AI based Retail Analytics Suite: Retina is an AI-led analytics product that provides a single view of all customer transactions for retailers to drive actionable insights. Retina supplies the customer with personalized products, promotions, and services.
SeymourSeymour: Through automated processing and publishing of Excel and CSV data, Seymour produces great-looking charts and tables on your website. The charts and tables will update automatically in real time, and Seymour is fully responsive for mobile and other devices.
SIOS Billing Management Solution for EA-AzureSIOS Billing Management Solution for EA-Azure: Facilitate the management of Azure usage charges at universities and government agencies in cooperation with the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement portal. This solution is available only in Japanese.
Spinbackup for Office 365Spinbackup for Office 365: Spinbackup provides you with an enterprise-ready backup and recovery solution for Office 365. It offers migration, reports, top-level encryption, automated daily backups, diversity in data storage locations, and more.
Sustainability Suite (Cloud Version)Sustainability Suite (Cloud Version): Cogneum’s Sustainability Suite improves governance and mitigates financial and reputational risks associated with sustainability.
Switch AutomationSwitch Automation: Switch Automation’s comprehensive smart building platform integrates with traditional building systems as well as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to analyze, automate, and control assets in real time.
UpSafe Office 365 BackupUpSafe Office 365 Backup: UpSafe Office 365 Backup helps you secure the critical data from your Software-as-a-Service application. Set it up and start your Office 365 backup in just a few clicks. When necessary, restore the files you need through granular or full recovery.
VexorVexor: Vexor’s continuous integration service can run an unlimited number of parallel builds because it works in the cloud. Tests are executed in parallel in each build to make your testing faster. Vexor uses a pay-per-minute billing model.
Virtual Vaults DataroomVirtual Vaults Dataroom: Virtual Vaults delivers a professional virtual data room platform to support transactional projects within capital markets such as mergers and acquisitions and real estate.

Container solutions

Joomla! Helm ChartJoomla! Helm Chart: Joomla! is an award-winning open-source CMS platform for building websites and applications. Deploying Bitnami applications as Helm charts is the easiest way to get started with our applications on Kubernetes.
Kubewatch Helm ChartKubewatch Helm Chart: Kubewatch is a Kubernetes watcher that currently publishes notification to Slack. Run it in your Kubernetes cluster and you will get event notifications in a Slack channel.
MediaWiki Helm ChartMediaWiki Helm Chart: MediaWiki is the free and open-source wiki software that powers Wikipedia. Used by thousands of organizations, it is extremely powerful, scalable software and a feature-rich wiki implementation.
Memcached Helm ChartMemcached Helm Chart: Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system. It’s generic in nature but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.
minideb Container Imageminideb Container Image: This is a minimalist Debian-based image built specifically to be used as a base image for containers.
Moodle Helm ChartMoodle Helm Chart: Moodle is an open-source online learning management system (LMS) widely used at universities, schools, and corporations worldwide. It’s modular and highly adaptable to any type of online learning.
NGINX Ingress Controller Helm ChartNGINX Ingress Controller Helm Chart: NGINX Ingress Controller is an ingress controller that manages external access to HTTP services in a Kubernetes cluster using NGINX.
NGINX Open Source Helm ChartNGINX Open Source Helm Chart: NGINX Open Source is a popular web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and http cache.
phpMyAdmin Helm ChartphpMyAdmin Helm Chart: phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP and intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations on MySQL and MariaDB.
PrestaShop Helm ChartPrestaShop Helm Chart: PrestaShop is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform used by more than 250,000 online storefronts worldwide. It’s easily customizable, responsive, and includes powerful tools to drive online sales.
WildFly Helm ChartWildFly Helm Chart: Wildfly is a lightweight open-source application server, formerly known as JBoss, that implements the latest enterprise Java standards.

Consulting services

Authentication and Secure Data- 1-day WorkshopAuthentication and Secure Data: 1-day Workshop: After completing this workshop by Dynamics Edge, students will understand how to implement authentication in applications, implement secure data (SSL and TLS), and manage cryptographic keys in Azure Key Vault.
Azure PaaS- 3-Day Proof of ConceptAzure PaaS: 3-Day Proof of Concept: This three-day engagement will allow your team to work with Tallan to educate your organization on what is possible in Microsoft Azure and to build out a proof of concept utilizing Azure Platform-as-a-Service.
Azure Readiness Assessment- 2 WeeksAzure Readiness Assessment: 2 Weeks: With cloud migration assessment tools from Oakwood Systems Group Inc., you’ll have a complete inventory of servers with metadata for each, allowing you to build a cloud migration plan for your organization.
Blue Chip Migrator for Azure Adoption- 7-Wk ImpBlue Chip Migrator for Azure Adoption: Blue Chip Consulting can help you efficiently and strategically adopt Microsoft Azure and eliminate the guesswork associated with complex cloud migrations and modernization projects.
Creating and Deploying Apps-1 day WorkshopCreating and Deploying Apps-1 day Workshop: This workshop by Dynamics Edge will teach IT professionals how to build logic app solutions that integrate apps, data, systems, and services by automating tasks and business processes as workflows.
Deploy-Configure Infrastructure- 1-day WorkshopDeploy/Configure Infrastructure: 1-day Workshop: This workshop by Dynamics Edge will teach IT professionals how to manage Azure resources, including deployment and configuration of virtual machines, virtual networks, storage accounts, and Azure Active Directory.
Develop Azure Platform as Service- 1-day WorkshopDevelop Azure Platform as Service: 1-day Workshop: Dynamics Edge’s trainer-led workshop will help you create an Azure Container Service (ACS/AKS) cluster using Azure CLI and Azure Portal.
Develop for Azure Storage- 1-day WorkshopDevelop for Azure Storage: 1-day Workshop: This workshop by Dynamics Edge will cover developing solutions using Azure Storage options: Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage tables, file storage, Blob storage, relational databases, and caching and content delivery network.
Developing for the Cloud- 1-day WorkshopDeveloping for the Cloud: 1-day Workshop: Learn how to configure a message-based integration architecture, develop for asynchronous processing, create apps for auto scaling, and better understand Azure Cognitive Services solutions.
Implement Security in Azure Devt- 1-day WorkshopImplement Security in Azure Devt: 1-day Workshop: This trainer-led workshop by Dynamics Edge is part of a series of four courses to help you prepare for Microsoft’s Azure developer certification exam AZ-200: Develop Core Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions.
QuickBooks Desktop on Azure- 5hr AssessmentQuickBooks Desktop on Azure: 5hr Assessment: Noobeh’s experienced consultants will perform an assessment of the requirements for your QuickBooks delivery on the Microsoft Azure platform, then develop a deployment plan.
Secure Identities- 1-day WorkshopSecure Identities: 1-day Workshop: This workshop by Dynamics Edge will teach IT professionals about keeping modern IT environments secure, focusing on role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, and privileged identity management.
Select Appropriate Azure Devt- 1-day WorkshopSelect Appropriate Azure Devt: 1-day Workshop: This is for developers who know how to code in at least one of the Azure-supported languages. It will cover Azure architecture, design and connectivity patterns, and choosing the right storage solution for your development