Mentoring future women Experts

Posted by Justyna Politanska-Pyszko

Google Developers Experts is a global community of developers, engineers and thought leaders who passionately share their technical knowledge with others.

Becoming a Google Developers Expert is no easy task. First, you need to have strong skills in one of the technical areas – Android, Kotlin, Google Cloud, Machine Learning, Web Technologies, Angular, Firebase, Google Workspace, Flutter or other. You also need to have a track record of sharing your knowledge – be it via conference talks, your personal blog, youtube videos or in some other form. Finally, you need one more thing. The courage to approach an existing Expert or a Google employee and ask them to support your application.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Joining the Experts community comes with many opportunities: direct access to product teams at Google, invitations to events and projects, entering a network of technology enthusiasts from around the world.

On a quest to make these opportunities available to a diverse group of talented people globally, we launched “Road to GDE”: a mentoring program to support women in their journey to become Google Developers Experts.

Mentors and Mentees meeting online

Mentors and Mentees meeting online

For 3 months, 17 mentors from the Experts community were mentoring mentees on topics like public speaking, building their professional portfolio and confidence boosting. What did they learn during the program?

Glafira Zhur: No time for fear! With my Mentor’s help, I got invited to speak at several events, two of which are already scheduled for the summer. I created my speaker portfolio and made new friends in the community. It was a great experience.

Julia Miocene: I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to do what someone else has already done. Even if there are talks or articles on some topic already, I will do them differently anyway. And for people, it’s important to see things from different perspectives. Just do what you like and don’t be afraid.

Bhavna Thacker: I got motivated to continue my community contributions, learnt how to promote my work and reach more developers, so that they can benefit from my efforts. Overall, It was an excellent program. Thanks to all organisers and my mentor – Garima Jain. I am definitely looking forward to applying to the Experts program soon!

Road to GDE mentee - Glafira Zhur and her mentor - Natalia Venditto.

Road to GDE mentee – Glafira Zhur and her mentor – Natalia Venditto.

Congratulations to all 17 mentees who completed the Program: Maris Botero, Clarissa Loures, Layale Matta, Bhavika Panara, Stefanie Urchs, Alisa Tsvetkova, Glafira Zhur, Wafa Waheeda Syed, Helen Kapatsa, Karin-Aleksandra Monoid, Sveta Krivosheeva, Ines Akrap, Julia Miocene, Vandana Srivastava, Anna Zharkova, Bhavana Thacker, Debasmita Sarkar

And to their mentors – all members of the Google Developers Experts community: Lesly Zerna, Bianca Ximenes, Kristina Simakova, Sayak Paul, Karthik Muthuswamy, Jeroen Meijer, Natalia Venditto, Martina Kraus, Merve Noyan, Annyce Davis, Majid Hajian, James Milner, Debbie O’Brien, Niharika Arora, Nicola Corti, Garima Jain, Kamal Shree Soundirapandian

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Women Techmakers Summit Europe: Supporting Diversity & Inclusion in Tech

Posted By Franziska Hauck and Katharina Lindenthal , Google Developer Relations Europe

Once a year, we invite community organizers and influencers from developer groups that support diversity and inclusion in their local tech ecosystem to the Women Techmakers Summit Europe. The Women Techmakers Summit is designed to provide training opportunities, share best practices, show success stories and build meaningful relationships. The fourth edition of the WTM Summit in Europe took place in Warsaw, one of Europe’s most innovative tech and startup ecosystems.

Such positive energy! All 120 attendees of the WTM Summit Europe 2019Such positive energy! All 120 attendees of the WTM Summit Europe 2019

Expertise from the Community for the Community

The Women Techmakers Summit hosted 120 people, all women and men that are leading tech communities across Europe. With more than half of the sessions being delivered by community influencers, the group came together to share their best practices, learn from each other and discuss all things related to diversity & inclusion. “A fantastic opportunity to meet other community organizers across Europe and learn from each other.”

We also invited role models to draw inspiration and motivation from. Head of Google for Startups, Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek, and Cloud Engineer, Ewa Maciaś, demonstrated that stepping out of our comfort zone is something we should do more and more. No one has the right answers from the start but by trying out new ways, we can carve our individual paths. Fear of failure is real. It should not keep us from experimenting, though.

Google’s Natalie Villalobos, head of the Women Techmakers program, and Emma Haruka Iwao, record breaker for calculating the most accurate value of Pi with Google Cloud, gave a glimpse into their personal stories. Their insights? Sometimes we need to go through hard times. They equipped us with the right mindset to push through, become your boss and succeed.

This left the attendees with the right motivation to get back to their communities: “This was my first WTM Summit, and it was an incredible experience. I met some amazing ladies and role models, and will be happy to share the inspiration I got with my local community.”

Googler Emma Haruka Iwao sharing her journey to break the world record for calculating the most accurate value of Pi Googler Emma Haruka Iwao sharing her journey to break the world record for calculating the most accurate value of Pi

Building the Basis for Diversity and Inclusion

“Being at the WTM Summit felt like being inside a family. I felt really included like at no conference before.” To make everyone feel welcome, a code of conduct was visible for all attendees, and prayers and parents spaces were provided for all attendees. The itself needed to become the inspiration for community organizers and influencers to carry the learnings back to the communities.

Organizers working together to develop best practices to foster diversity and inclusion in their tech communities Organizers working together to develop best practices to foster diversity and inclusion in their tech communities

Women Techmakers: Changing the Narrative

One of the core elements of Women Techmakers is creating and providing community for women in tech. Women Techmakers Ambassadors thrive diversity and inclusion initiatives in their local tech community to help to bring more women into the industry. In Europe, more than 150 WTM Ambassadors from 25 countries support their local tech communities to close the gap between the number of women and men in the industry. Meetup organizers and community advocates who want to achieve parity can join the Women Techmakers program. As members, they are given the tools and opportunities to change the narrative.

If you are interested in joining the WTM Ambassadors Program, reach out to [email protected]

Empowering Women Techmakers Around the World Through Localization

Posted by Marisa Pareti, on behalf of Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers creates visibility, community and resources for women in technology by hosting events, offering free training and piloting new initiatives with different groups and partners around the world. Earlier this year, we launched Women Techmakers in 60 Seconds, a YouTube series where we explain advanced technical topics in one minute or less.

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with the GDS Global Localization Program to expand the accessibility and reach of our content. Together, our teams will work to create a diverse user experience by reducing language and cultural barriers. Localization goes beyond translation. While references in the US might not be popular concepts in other countries, our passionate partners ensure they sound natural to people around the world.

We’re proud to produce a series that reaches, inspires, and educates the Google Developer Community all over the world. Every other Wednesday, we’ll publish a new episode discussing topics like APIs, Virtual Machines, and more. In the comments below the video, we’ll include additional resources for you to explore if you want a deeper dive into the video’s theme. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. If you’re interested in learning more and getting involved with Women Techmakers, check out our website and sign up to become a member.