Google Play Indie Games Festival: Finalists revealed

Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing

The Indie Games Festival shines a spotlight on some of the best games on Google Play, and celebrates the passion and creativity that small games studios bring to gamers worldwide. This year we are hosting Festival in South Korea, Japan and Europe, for local developers and gamers from all over the world.

Earlier this summer, we opened submissions, and today we’re revealing the finalists. Scroll down to see the shortlisted games!

Join the finals

September 3rd will be a jam packed day for indie games fans. Everyone is invited to attend the finals for the three Festivals, starting with South Korea at 2pm KST, followed shortly after by Japan at 3pm JST, and wrapping up with Europe at 11am CET.

The finals will be held in a custom virtual world where you can meet the people behind the finalist games, explore the titles, have fun with gamers from around the world, and be the first to discover the winners.

The events will be hosted by Julia Hardy (Europe), Inho Jung (Korea) and Kajisac (Japan).

At the European finals we will also reveal the class of 2022 of the Indie Games Accelerator, a program that helps small game studios take their game to the next level by providing them training and mentorship.

Without further ado, please meet the finalists and join us in congratulating them!


(in alphabetical order, also in this collection)

Blacken Slash

DT Space Races

Dungeons of Dreadrock

Find Hidden Objects Game (AR)

Fury Unleashed

Get Together: A Coop Adventure

Gladiators: Survival in Rome

Hygge is…

Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon

Kitty Q

Light It Up: Energy Loops

Luna Ravel

Paths: Beatrice’s adventure


Please, Touch The Artwork



Square Valley

sugar game




(in alphabetical order)

A Year of Springs

Attack on Tankette

Brave Farm Survival

Cards and Dragons Sealed

Catastrophe Restaurant

Crazy Donuts

DeathAntique (Early Access not yet available globally)

Dungeon and Gravestone


GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Jack & Detectives

Raspberry Mash


Statute of Limitations “1 minute” world


Sushi Food Cart

Time for Coffee in the Strange Forest

Train’s Run




(in alphabetical order)

Bingo Star

Calibur League


Counting Star

Cube Of Life: Resurrection

Drawing Beats!

Dungeon Rogue


Idle Ghost Hotel

Lost Pages

Meow Tower: Nonogram

Merge of Mini : with your legion


Random Card


Soul Launcher


The Greater


Undead vs Demon

More about the Indie Games Festival and the Indie Games Accelerator

At Google Play we’re committed to helping developers of all sizes succeed on our platform. Programs like the Festival and the Accelerator are here to help small games studios:

  • Festival | Promotions & prizes that put your game in the spotlight: This contest is your chance to showcase your game to industry experts and players worldwide, and win prizes that will celebrate your art and promote your game.
  • Accelerator | Training and mentorship to supercharge your growth: Over a period of 10 weeks, you will get tailored online training sessions and mentorship from industry and Google experts to help you polish your game and scale with Google Play.

    Learn more about the programs.

    For more updates about all of our programs, resources and tools for indie game developers, follow us on Twitter @GooglePlayBiz and Google Play business community on LinkedIn.

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    Grow your games with Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator & Festival

    Posted by Leticia Lago, P&E Developer Marketing

    Google Play Indie Games Festival and Accelerator 

    At Google Play, we are committed to helping developers of all sizes reach their full potential, and go further, faster. To continue supporting indies as they bring some of the most innovative titles to players worldwide, today we’re opening submissions to the 2022 edition of our two annual programs – the Indie Games Accelerator and Festival.

    Through these programs, independent game developers and small studios can boost their game’s visibility, get training, and tap into a network of gaming experts:

    • If you are a small games studio looking for help to launch or grow a new title, enter the Accelerator to get exclusive training by mentors and industry experts;
    • Or, if you have already created and launched a high quality game that is ready for the spotlight, enter the Festival in Japan, South Korea or Europe for a chance to win promotions and reach new players.

    Submissions for both Indie Games programs are open from June 1st to July 1st, 2022.

    For more updates about Google Play’s programs, resources and tools for indie game developers, follow @GooglePlayBiz on Twitter & Google Play business community on LinkedIn.

    Celebrating some of the best indie games

    Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing

    Indie Games Accelerator - Meet the Class of 2021, Indie Games Festival - Meet the winners

    In June this year we opened applications for our Indie Games Accelerator, a mentorship program to help top mobile game startups achieve their full potential, as well as for our Indie Games Festival, a competition open to small game studios who get the opportunity to win promotions and be featured on Google Play. These annual programs are part of our commitment to helping all developers thrive in the Google ecosystem.

    We received thousands of applications from developers across the world and we were truly amazed by the response. We’re impressed by the innovation and passion of the indie game community, and the unique and creative games they bring to players worldwide.

    Last month we announced the Festival finalists and today we hosted the finals.

    This year, for the first time, the events were virtual so everyone could attend. Players from around the world joined the adventure, met the finalists, played their games, and cheered on the Top 10 and the winners as they were announced on stage.

    We also took the opportunity to announce the Indie Games Accelerator selected class of 2021.

    screenshot of Europe stage

    Our deepest thanks to our amazing hosts: YouTube creator Papfi, Japanese comedians Kajisak and Kikuchiusotsukanai, and Inho Chung, who all shared their unique expertise and love of games.

    Without further ado, here are this year’s Festival winners…

    Indie Games Festival Winners


    Indie Games Festival Winners | Europe

    Bird Alone by George Batchelor, United Kingdom

    Cats in Time by Pine Studio, Croatia

    Gumslinger by Itatake, Sweden


    Indie Games Festival Winners | South Korea


    Rush Hour Rally by Soen Games

    The Way Home by CONCODE

    Users’ Choice

    Animal Doll Shop by Funnyeve


    Indie Games Festival Winners | Japan

    Mousebusters by Odencat

    Quantum Transport by ruccho

    Survivor’s guilt by aso

    Student Category Award

    Japanese Train Drive Simulator 2 “OneMan2” by HAKOT

    Check out the top 10 finalists in Europe, South Korea and Japan.

    Indie Games Accelerator Class of 2021

    The selected studios will receive exclusive education and mentorship over the 12 week program, to help them build and grow successful businesses.


    Aoca Game Lab, Brazil

    Berimbau Game Studio, Brazil

    Boomware Studio, Peru

    Concrete Software, USA

    Delotech Games, Brazil

    DreamCraft Entertainment, Inc., USA

    Ingames, Argentina

    Ludare Games Group Inc., Canada

    Whitethorn Games, USA

    Asia Pacific

    Banjiha Games, South Korea

    CATS BY STUDIO, South Korea

    dc1ab pte. Ltd., Singapore

    Dreams & Co., Thailand

    Gamestacy Entertinment, India

    izzle Inc., South  Korea

    Limin Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, Vietnam 

    Mugshot Games Pty Ltd,  Australia

    Odencat Inc., Japan

    Playbae, India

    Xigma Games, India

    XOGAMES Inc., South Korea

    YOMI Studio, Vietnam

    Europe, Middle East & Africa

    Cleverside Ltd, Belarus

    Dali Games, Poland

    Firegecko Ltd, United Kingdom

    Hot Siberians, Russia

    Infinity Games, Portugal

    Itatake, Sweden

    Jimjum Studios, Israel

    LIVA Interactive, Tunisia 

    Pale Blue Interactive, South Africa

    Pine Studio, Croatia

    Platonic Games, Spain

    SMOKOKO LTD, Bulgaria

    Spooky House Studios, Germany

    If you missed the finals

    If you missed the finals or would like to explore further, you can still sign in and wander around the space but only for a limited time. Explore now.

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    Meet some of the best indie game devs

    Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing

    During the month of June we received thousands of submissions for two of our annual developer programs – the Indie Games Accelerator and the Indie Games Festival. These programs support the growth of small games studios on Google Play.

    Every year we’re impressed with the art and creativity of the entries. This year was no exception. Many thanks to everyone who submitted their game.

    Meet the Festival finalists

    Today, we’re announcing the finalists of the Festivals in Europe, Japan, and South Koreadrumroll, please.

    Indie Games


    Beat Workers by NaturalPad Games, France

    Bird Alone by George Batchelor, United Kingdom

    Cats in Time by Pine Studio, Croatia

    Figment by Bedtime Digital Games, Denmark

    Froglike: The Frog Roguelike by Jimjum Studios, Israel

    Garson by Anastasiya Shabunia, Belarus

    Gumslinger by Itatake, Sweden

    Lyxo by Emoak, Austria

    Psychofunk by Tommy Søreide Kjær, Norway

    Railways by Infinity Games, Portugal

    Sticky Terms by kamibox, Germany

    Sweet Sins Superstars by Platonic Games, Spain

    Tiny Robots Recharged by Big Loop Studios, Bulgaria

    Tofu Drifter by Roach Games, Russia

    Towers by JOX Development, Ukraine

    Unholy Adventure by Dali Games, Poland

    Warplane Inc by Nuclear Games, Russia

    Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown by Ultaan Games, Poland

    Woof: The Good Boy Story by CHPV.GAMES, Russia

    Zen Symmetry by 8tbl, Russia

    Sign up to attend the European finals.

    Indie Games


    3D Chess: NOCCA NOCCA by Curiouspark, Inc.

    5colors in Nate by NekodoraSoft

    Amabie san by HARAPECORPORATION Inc.

    Archer Battle Online by Takuya Fujieda

    Cthulhu DreamStairs by Tenyu

    ElectriarCode by ELECTRIAR LABO

    Escape from the Closed Circle by Hanachiru

    Heart of Sengoku by ZEN APP

    Leaving Two Tiles Dojo by ScreenPocket

    Living in the Ending World by illuCalab.

    MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files “Executioner’s Wedge” by HafHaf-Oden(Sukashiuma-LAB)

    Mini Mini Farm by CoffeeBreak

    MonohakobiPro by CGO

    Mousebusters by Odencat

    Numpurr Card Wars by Nukenin

    Parasite Days by Zxima

    Quantum Transport by ruccho

    Super Glitter Rush by tiny cactus studio

    Survivor’s guilt by aso

    Wolf Chess by Baton

    Sign up to attend the Japanese finals.

    Indie Games

    South Korea

    Angel Saga by Alchemist Games Inc.

    Animal Card Royale by Banjihagames

    Animal Doll Shop by Funnyeve

    BattleLive: Zombie&Human by PLOTRICK

    Box It Up! Inc. by team TAPE


    Cats are Cute: Pop Time by kkiruk studio

    Detective Mio by 1N1

    Dicast: Rules of Chaos by BSS COMPANY

    Forest Island by Nanali Studios

    Frontier of Fortune by Dotomchi Games Inc.


    Group Project Simulator! by Studio806

    Gun Tactics by Gimle Games

    Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord by Cat Lab

    Metro Blossom by The Sane Studio

    Portal Dungeon by Oblique Line

    Rush Hour Rally by Soen Games

    The Way Home by CONCODE

    Titan Slayer by Touchholic

    Sign up to attend the South Korean finals.

    Join the adventure on September 4

    This year the three Festivals are virtual, so everyone has the chance to explore the games, meet the developers who made them, cheer them on, and be the first to hear who the winners are.

    Expect plenty of fun and some very special surprises. So, don’t miss out. Sign up now to virtually attend the events showcasing the finalists from Europe, Japan, and South Korea. The events are free to attend and will all take place in the same space, so sign up to one and you will be able to teleport to all events!

    How about the Indie Games Accelerator?

    If you’re interested in knowing which developers are joining the 2021 class of the Indie Games Accelerator, sign up to attend the European Festival, where we will also announce the selected developers.

    Indie Games

    Grow your indie game with help from Google Play

    Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing

    Indie Games Accelerator graphic

    At Google Play we’re committed to helping all developers thrive, whether these are large multinational companies or small startups and indie game studios. They are all critical to providing the services and experiences that people around the world look for on their Android devices. The indie game developer community, in particular, constantly pushes the boundaries with their creativity and passion, and bring unique and diverse content to players everywhere.

    To continue supporting indies, today we’re opening submissions for two of our annual developer programs – the Indie Games Accelerator and the Indie Games Festival. These programs are designed to help small games studios grow on Google Play, no matter what stage they are in:

    • If you are a small games studio looking for help to launch a new title, apply for the Accelerator to get mentorship and education;
    • Or, if you have already created and launched a high quality game that is ready for the spotlight, enter the Festival for a chance to win promotions.

    This year the programs come with some changes, including more eligible markets and fully digital event experiences. Learn more below and apply by July 1st.

    Accelerator: Get education and mentorship to supercharge your growth

    If you’re an indie developer, early in your journey – either close to launching a new game or recently launched a title, this is the program for you. We’ll provide education and mentorship that will help you build, launch and grow successfully.

    This year we have nearly doubled the eligible markets, with developers from over 70 countries being eligible to apply for the 2021 program.

    Selected participants will be invited to take part in a 12-week online acceleration program. During this time you’ll get exclusive access to a community of Google and industry experts, as well as a network of other passionate developers from around the world looking to supercharge their growth.

    Festival: win promotions that put your game in the spotlight

    If you’re an indie game developer who has recently launched a high quality game, this is your chance to have your game discovered by industry experts and players worldwide.

    This year we will, again, host three competitions for developers from Japan, South Korea, and selected European countries.

    Prizes include featuring on Google Play store, promotional campaigns worth 100,000 EUR, and more.

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    Play Logo

    Indie Games Accelerator – Applications open for class of 2019

    Posted by Anuj Gulati, Developer Marketing Manager and Sami Kizilbash, Developer Relations Program Manager

    Last year we announced the Indie Games Accelerator, a special edition of Launchpad Accelerator, to help top indie game developers from emerging markets achieve their full potential on Google Play. Our team of program mentors had an amazing time coaching some of the best gaming talent from India, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia. We’re very encouraged by the positive feedback we received for the program and are excited to bring it back in 2019.

    Applications for the class of 2019 are now open, and we’re happy to announce that we are expanding the program to developers from select countries* in Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

    Successful participants will be invited to attend two gaming bootcamps, all-expenses-paid at the Google Asia-Pacific office in Singapore, where they will receive personalized mentorship from Google teams and industry experts. Additional benefits include Google hardware, invites to exclusive Google and industry events and more.

    Find out more about the program and apply to be a part of it.

    * The competition is open to developers from the following countries: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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