DevChat: How eOne Leveraged Amazon Devices to Generate a 123% Increase in Installs



We sat down with eOne to hear more about what drives their kids and family success on Amazon Fire tablets, and what they learned along the way about Amazon Appstore customers.

Entertainment One’s (eOne) ‘Family & Brands’ division creates kid’s content that connects with families around the world by carefully selecting, crafting, and nurturing the best children’s content into global brands.

Why did you initially choose to launch your apps and games on Amazon Appstore?

“Our digital services are an extension of our content and key to engaging with our brands’ fanbase, so it’s important for us to give our brands maximum visibility by making our apps available to as many children and families as possible. Amazon Fire tablets have been growing in popularity, especially in the kids’ space, and with part of our portfolio already available on Amazon Video, having our apps on the Amazon Appstore only seemed like a natural progression.”

What makes Amazon Appstore a valuable store for eOne’s apps?

“We are fortunate that our brands have huge recognition with Amazon consumers, but it’s also important for us to guarantee a good user experience. That’s why we really value their presence on the Amazon Appstore. The easy access to kids content made available by the Appstore family tab on Fire tablets ¹ makes it a very attractive store for our brands. The high level of content curation and commitment to offering a rich and versatile app catalogue for family and kids makes Amazon Appstore a great store for us to engage with our target audience.”

Is there a specific audience behaviour that is unique to Amazon Appstore?

“We have noticed that Amazon Appstore is the store on which our premium apps perform best. This suggests that Amazon consumers value the peace of mind brought by an upfront payment with no further transactions nor advertising.”

What is your approach and vision for content innovation and content breadth?

“Nowadays, consumers expect to have access to content anywhere, at any time and their appetite for it never stops growing. eOne quickly innovated in this area at a time when mobile devices were on the rise to give fans a wealth of high-quality digital content they could enjoy on-the-go or at home. Our digital content strategy has evolved and expanded over the years to include a broad portfolio of free and premium apps, as well as our subscription app, World of Peppa Pig. A lot of parents don’t want to spend hours on the Appstore looking for new content for their children. This app gives families a rich experience that combines games, educational play, videos and creative activities under one roof in a format that is regularly updated. Our apps are directly inspired by the themes, narratives and characters from our shows and feature the original sounds and music that the fans will recognise, and we think that makes our collection of apps truly engaging for our audience.”




How do you determine which monetisation model is appropriate for your apps and games?

“We always strive to make the best content available to as many children and families as possible and provide them a wide a range of options. The main challenge for any children’s app developer is adapting to the ever-changing needs and behaviours of our audiences across the world. By offering different apps models, whether it is free-to-download, subscription or premium apps, we want to make sure that all families can engage with our content in the way that works best for them.

“In our experience, Amazon Appstore customers have favoured the premium model for the peace of mind it gives parents and the great user experience it offers children. That is truly remarkable in an area that has been generally shifting towards free-to-download apps over the years.

“We are also seeing a very positive response to our subscription app World of Peppa Pig. There is clearly a demand for an app that is regularly updated with new content and combines lots of games, videos, episodes on-the-go, and activities under one safe umbrella. “

How do you leverage marketing opportunities with Amazon Appstore?

“To support the adoption of our subscription app World of Peppa Pig, we ran a discount exclusively for Amazon Appstore customers on our yearly subscription plan for the two weeks following Prime Day. The unique nature of the offer allowed us to obtain support from the Amazon Appstore team, which was incredibly helpful to give the app visibility over the promotion period. We promoted the offer on owned channels, the Amazon Appstore storefront and inside the app which generated a 123% increase on installs across Amazon devices.

“The best timing to run campaigns is when people purchase new Amazon devices, as they naturally look for content to download. The days immediately following key device activation dates like Black Friday, the holidays, and Prime Day are perfect opportunities for us to bring our apps to new Amazon device owners’ attention. That’s why we focus most of our marketing efforts after such dates and try to combine it with the release of discounts and new content.”

¹ Available for Appstore customers in US, DE and UK.

Getting started with Amazon Appstore 

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