French companies increasingly adopt Google Cloud with the support of partners

The future is in the cloud. This is a sentiment we heard from many of the more than 3,000 attendees that joined us at our Paris Cloud Summit this week, and more generally with French companies as they embark on their digital transformation journeys.

Companies in France, and everywhere in the world, have embraced the cost benefits of cloud computing. In addition to modernizing their infrastructure and “lifting-and-shifting” workloads, they are increasingly using the cloud to devise and implement new, innovative projects and approaches. With its consumption-based model, the cloud allows businesses to experiment with new apps, see how they perform, and adjust as necessary, without huge up-front costs. As a result, an increasing number of French companies are leveraging our international and local partners to help them take advantage of our data management, smart analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and collaboration solutions.

This week marked our third Paris Cloud Summit. With more than 3,000 attendees, it was our largest summit in the country to date and has become one of the premier events on cloud technology in France. This increase in attendance, and the quality of the more than 60 speakers, points to growing momentum around our cloud business and demonstrates the appetite for innovation coming from French businesses. We enjoyed meeting with IT and business decision makers from across the country, and discussing how our latest technologies can help them move further and faster in their digital transformation journey.

Google Cloud partners: supporting French companies

Our partners play a critical role in working with French companies to implement their digital projects and define new, value-added projects. To accomplish these goals:

  • Accenture has acquired Cirruseo, a leading pure-play Google Cloud services provider in France. Cirruseo’s team of highly skilled Google Cloud consultants are joining the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group,strengthening Accenture’s ability to help clients apply Google Cloud technologies in an industry-specific context.
  • Devoteam, Google Cloud EMEA Services Partner of the Year in 2018, recently launched new services, ranging from training to deployment to support, for French business.
  • SFEIR, a partner with offices throughout the country, continues to grow its support for French businesses at a very local level. Most recently, they’ve expanded their services for businesses in the northern territories of France.
  • Atos has opened three AI labs around the world in the last 12 months that leverage Google Cloud technology. Atos also announced today that it is working with Damart on their digital transformation.

French customers share more on their digital transformation journey

In the past year, we’ve seen an increasing number of French companies turn to Google Cloud to help them transform digitally and grow and expand their businesses.

  • Media company Le Monde is using Google Cloud solutions to enhance engagement with online readers for a more immersive news experience. The media company is also looking to Google Cloud solutions to help scale their infrastructure during times of peak website usage, most commonly during major breaking news events.
  • French insurance company Macif is using G Suite to improve user experiences, make information-sharing more fluid, and foster collaboration between its 10,000 employees.
  • Monoprix has chosen Google Cloud to provide customers with more targeted offers, delivering an improved online shopping experience.
  • Renault Digital is leveraging our smart analytics technologies for numerous marketing and business projects, including a brand new approach to manufacturing.  
  • Retail tech startup Qopius is leveraging Google Cloud to help retailers digitize their in-store shelves by detecting potential price and product placement anomalies.
  • Last and certainly not least, Sanofi has just announced that it will collaborate with Google Cloud to modernize its infrastructure and drive innovation with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. You can learn more in this blog post.

These new customers join the many French businesses that are already seeing the benefits of using Google Cloud.

  • Carrefour opened an AI lab to develop new, impactful solutions, benefiting their customers in France and everywhere in the world.
  • Amadeus, a leading travel technology company, has just successfully migrated one of its main seat booking applications to the cloud.
  • Email solution company Mailjet, a G Suite user for many years, is using our productivity solution to send more than two billion emails every month and accelerate its international growth.
  • SoLocal is using data analytics and AI on Google Cloud to improve the performance and effectiveness of its advertising campaigns.

The Paris Cloud Summit has demonstrated that French enterprises are ready to take their cloud adoption to the next level, providing them with a strong foundation for growth. We are committed to building out our relationships with customers and partners of every size and industry in France, and continue to grow our local team to support the momentum of our business.