Google Cloud and Pluralsight: Powering cloud skills at scale

The cloud skills gap has become “a full blown crisis,” according to a group of researchers at OpsRamp, and it could hinder organizations from unlocking value and innovation from cloud. Demand for Google Cloud skills is also intensifying, which is why we are committed to delivering learning resources and tools to help enterprises better prepare their workforce for cloud. 

To that end, we are pleased to announce that we’re expanding our Google Cloud curriculum on Pluralsight, the technology skills platform that provides tech skill development for businesses across the globe. Starting today, more than 15 courses authored by Google Cloud are available on Pluralsight, covering topics such as cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, machine learning, and data engineering.

In addition to these course offerings, we have also launched a new Skill IQ with Pluralsight: Associate Cloud Engineer on GCP. Skill IQ lets you determine your proficiency level on a given topic in five minutes or less. Based on the Skill IQ you receive, Pluralsight recommends courses you or your team members should start with to become more proficient.

Together, Google Cloud and Pluralsight empower enterprises to identify and develop the skills they need to execute their cloud strategies. This partnership, announced in April, offers several benefits.

We want to be where you want to build skills, and that place is Pluralsight, which serves 70% of the Fortune 500. Through Pluralsight’s technology skills platform, all current enterprise customers get immediate, free access to our full library of Google Cloud-authored courses and Skill IQ. 

Before starting their Google Cloud journey, many of our customers want help in benchmarking their cloud skills. We now offer this ability on Pluralsight. Through Skill IQ and one-of-a-kind analytics, enterprise leaders can effectively address cloud skills gaps, improve learning efficiency, and put the right people on the right projects. 

As cloud adoption continues to grow, it is changing traditional IT job roles and creating entirely new job roles altogether. Getting your organization ready for cloud requires a role-based skill building approach. That’s why our comprehensive Google Cloud library on Pluralsight is designed around the core technical roles every cloud-first organization will need, including cloud architecture, data engineering, machine learning, and more coming soon. By taking a directed, role-based approach to skills development, you can comprehensively achieve cloud proficiency, boosting your overall team’s productivity.

Successful technology transformation starts with talent transformation, and we’re excited to partner with Pluralsight to offer the skills-building tools you need to unlock the power of cloud. You can start your cloud journey today with a Google Cloud learning pilot on Pluralsight, or by visiting the Google Cloud booth at Pluralsight Live, August 27-29, in Salt Lake City, Utah.