Helping OpenText customers move Enterprise Information Management workloads to Google Cloud

Now more than ever, enterprises are looking to the cloud not just for security, scalability, and access to new technologies, but to drive real business value. For many businesses, the key to this transformation is prioritizing workloads in a few important areas, like ERP and databases. To help, Google Cloud has expanded its partnerships in these areas, developing new ways for customers to run them on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Increasingly, enterprise information management (EIM) solutions are joining this category of “priority workloads,” as businesses try to derive value from their structured and unstructured information. And that’s why today we’re excited to announce expansions to our partnership with OpenText to help more customers migrate their EIM workloads to Google Cloud.

We began partnering with OpenText, a preferred partner for EIM, in 2018, and now our extended partnership spans multiple product and solutions areas, including Anthos for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments, disaster recovery services on GCP, G Suite, and AI and machine learning. In each of these areas, our shared goal is to help OpenText customers leverage the technology, scale and security of Google Cloud.

Specifically, we are rolling out the following new integrations:

  • OpenText has planned containerized versions of several EIM applications on GCP, including Content Server/xECM, Documentum, InfoArchive, and Archive Center. These will all leverage Anthos, our multi-cloud and hybrid offering, to deploy and manage containerized EIM application workloads in a multi-cloud environment.

  • OpenText intends to use Google Cloud to enable multi-layered global disaster recovery services for customers with business-critical EIM workloads running in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid cloud architectures.

  • OpenText plans to begin integrating its EIM solutions with G Suite to allow seamless collaboration across the two platforms.

  • We’re working with OpenText to create purpose-built solutions for specific industries, including financial services, healthcare and media and communications, leveraging Google Cloud’s AI and ML services.

Partnering with OpenText is particularly beneficial to customers who are moving SAP applications to the cloud as many run OpenText archiving and other integrated EIM applications to extend the value of their SAP solutions. Our collaboration and OpenText’s investment in managed services in the cloud means these customers can now migrate SAP systems, including their supporting OpenText EIM workloads, to GCP as fully validated and supported applications.

These integrations announced today are just the beginning of our strategic partnership with OpenText. Many customers are increasingly interested in moving critical EIM workloads to Google Cloud and leveraging our reliable and performant infrastructure, AI and ML capabilities, expertise in containerization and our hybrid and multi-cloud solution, Anthos, so we are delighted that OpenText has named Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider for the enterprise..

We’re excited to bring these integrations to market jointly with OpenText, and we’re excited for a strong future of innovation together—all to the benefit of our mutual customers.