How to integrate Dialogflow with Genesys PureCloud

For many businesses, a contact center is their foundation for great customer experiences. Many businesses already use Genesys PureCloud, a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration, and contact center management for this purpose. We’ve also heard from businesses that they’d like to integrate natural language-powered virtual agents into their existing Genesys call flows, such as the kind offered by Contact Center AI, Google Cloud’s conversational AI technology designed specifically for contact centers.

This article walks you step by step through how to integrate Dialogflow, a component of Contact Center AI and an end-to-end development suite for creating conversational interfaces, with Genesys PureCloud. With this integration, you can use Dialogflow to create virtual agents that can perform specific tasks, and which can be invoked within the Genesys call flow. This integration is an example that shows the power of AI to extend an existing telephony and contact center infrastructure.

How to integrate Google Dialogflow with Genesys PureCloud
If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a Google Cloud account here.

In Dialogflow, navigate to Agent settings where you’ll find the Project ID and Service Account information. Click on the project ID to open the Google Cloud Console.

Dialogflow projectID.png

Select IAM & admin, then IAM. Make sure the role assigned to the service account is “Dialogflow API Admin”. If it is set to “Dialogflow API Client”, change it to “Dialogflow API Admin”.

Dialogflow API Admin.png

In the pop-up, create the JSON key. It will download to your machine.

create the JSON key.png

From the JSON file, You will need the “private_key_id”, “private_key”, “client_email” and the “client_id” to enter in Genesys PureCloud. Here’s how the JSON key should look:

Take “private_key_id”, “private_key”, “client_email” and the “client_id” and open Genesys PureCloud. Navigate to Integrations, then Google Dialogflow and open the Configuration tab to Configure Credentials obtained from the JSON file.


That’s it! With this integration, you can now easily access the intents and entities from Dialogflow in the Genesys interface and use them to complement your contact center customer experiences. 

To learn more about Dialogflow, visit our website.