Lenovo introduces the 14e Chromebook, built for the frontline workforce

The increasing availability of SaaS apps and services is creating a new segment of workers, known as cloud workers. These workers expect and need seamless access to information to get their jobs done, and this is particularly true of workers who directly interact with customers and serve as the face of the business.

From a retail associate to a traveling nurse, these frontline workers are a large and impactful part of the workforce. Yet, these workers remain underserved from a technology perspective, lacking access to critical information and services. Although frontline workers comprise 80% of the workforce, only 1% of software venture funding goes to developing tools that serve them. To help better address the needs of frontline workers, Lenovo is releasing its new 14e Chromebook, designed to help better connect this fast-moving workforce to the data, insights and resources they need in the cloud.

The Lenovo 14e Chromebook is designed to resist everyday spills and bumps and endure through sustained heavy use. The keyboard is water-resistant, and features mechanically anchored, anti-peel keys as well as reinforced external ports and hinges so it can withstand even the roughest frontline use cases. The 14” IPS display with touch option and 17.7mm profile make the device easy for employees to take with them between tasks.

A 2.5 GHz A4 AMD® dual-core processor provides plenty of power to sustain everyday tasks, and 10 hrs of battery life enables the device to stay untethered for long periods of time, ideal for employees that need to be mobile either within their location or out in the field. The Lenovo 14e Chromebook is configurable with up to 8 gigabytes of memory and 64 gigabytes of storage, depending on your business needs, and features a variety of external ports including two USB-C and USB 3.0, a micro SD card slot and space for a kensington lock so that you can secure the device and connect it to peripheral accessories.

Finally, the device is powered by Chrome OS, meaning it’s easy-to-use and highly shareable. Cloud-based profiles enable workers to have a simple, consistent experience across any Chrome device, and built-in security protections help protect employees from threats. With the Chrome Enterprise license, IT can easily enroll and remotely manage devices, and integrate them into their existing IT environment.

The Lenovo 14e Chromebook will be available worldwide in March starting at $279. If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up here.