Plan your Next ‘20 journey: Session guide available now

Get ready to make the most of Google Cloud Next ‘20: our session guide is now available.

At Google Cloud Next, our aim is to give you the tools you need to sharpen your technical skills, expand your network, and accelerate personal development. Across our hundreds of breakout sessions you’ll get the chance to connect and learn about all aspects of Google Cloud—from multi-cloud deployments, to application modernization, to next-level collaboration and productivity. Developers, practitioners, and operators from all over the world will come together at Next, and we hope you’ll join them.

This year we’re going deep on the skills and knowledge enterprises need to be successful in the cloud. Our catalog of technical content keeps growing, and this year we’re offering more than 500 breakout sessions, panels, bootcamps, and hands-on labs. These sessions will give you in-depth knowledge in seven core areas: 

  • Infrastructure—Migrate and modernize applications and systems on premises and in the cloud.
  • Application modernization—Develop, deploy, integrate, and manage both your existing apps and new cloud-native applications.
  • Data management and analytics—Take advantage of highly available and scalable tools to store and manage your structured and unstructured data, then derive meaningful insights from that data.
  • Cloud AI and machine learning—Leverage your data by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform your business.
  • Business application development—Reimagine app development by helping you innovate with no-code development, workflow automation, app integration, and API management. 
  • Cloud security—Keep your systems, apps, and users better protected with world-class security tools.
  • Productivity and collaboration—Transform the ways teams grow, share, and work together.

This means you can troubleshoot and debug microservices in Kubernetes, get a primer on big data and machine learning fundamentals, then finish up your day by learning to build, deploy, modernize and manage apps using Anthos. Or pick from hundreds of other topics

Want to learn which sessions you don’t want to miss? Beginning in March, we’ll be publishing guides to Next from Google experts. Keep an eye on our blog.