With Google Cloud AI, BlackLine integrates real-time intelligent data services for finance and accounting customers

In an industry known for convoluted, patchwork solutions, BlackLine has built a reputation on the power of simplicity. Their cloud-based platform delivers extensive automation and flexible controls through a single, streamlined interface, making them a favorite among large and mid-sized companies looking to increase efficiency while reducing operational complexity. Gartner even recognized them as a Leader in its2018 Magic Quadrant, for the second year in a row.

Now, they’re facing a new challenge: maintain the experience and reliability their users expect, as they continue to expand globally and demand for innovation grows. To solve it, BlackLine is making Google Cloud a foundational part of their offering.

BlackLine’s signature solution is the Finance Controls and Automation Platform, which unifies disparate financial systems and makes it easy to automate a wide range of accounting tasks. Customers rely on it to generate more accurate and insightful statements and achieve a more efficient financial close. The speed and flexibility of Google Cloud is helping BlackLine build a faster, more robust platform, all while remaining open to an array of open-source technologies. It also makes the development of new capabilities easier and more immediate than ever, helping them innovate faster and keep up with the evolving needs of their customers.

BlackLine is known for its highly intelligent tools, which use sophisticated algorithms to spot patterns, correlate records and accelerate the accounting process. With Google Cloud, those capabilities can be made even more powerful, as the growing range of Cloud AI solutions allow developers at all levels of skill to harness our unique expertise in technologies like deep learning.

It all adds up to a cloud-first strategy that impacts three fundamental aspects of their business by combining BlackLine’s culture of creativity with the power of Google Cloud:

  • Enhance the customer experience with the ongoing development of new features and solutions.

  • Scale the platform gracefully as their customer base expands globally.

  • Realize the full potential of a real-time, intelligent data platform, utilizing the latest innovations in machine learning.

In BlackLine, we see a company known for bold thinking at the start of their own journey into what we call Deployed AI—the application of technologies like machine learning to solve real-world business problems in measurable ways. As their data, applications and infrastructure converge on a single, unified platform, BlackLine’s developers can stop worrying about implementation details and start focusing on how the latest advances in AI can help solve a range of challenges in completely new ways. They serve as a model for companies in a range of industries, demonstrating the creative power that’s unleashed with a cloud-first strategy.

We look forward to helping them serve their customers with increased speed, security and reliability, and we can’t wait to see what they build next.

For more information, please see BlackLine’s press release.