PSA: Sign Up For GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Before The Price Goes Up Next Month

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If you’re considering signing up for GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program, you should probably do so before June 27. In The coming weeks, GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards membership is rebranding to “GameStop Pro,” and will jump from $15/year to $25/year while revising several key benefits–but you can still get in on the current version of the program for a few more weeks.

Currently, PowerUp Rewards members get a $5 monthly credit to spend in-store, 10% more trade-in value, and additional savings and early access on select items. Members also earn points on purchases that they can redeem for coupons. On top of that, you can also get a subscription to the print or digital versions of Game Informer magazine.

The new GameStop Pro program adds an additional 5% discount off the price of all pre-owned games, collectibles (including Pokemon cards), clearance items, GameStop-branded products, and protection plans for all members. However, new members can no longer get the print version of Game Informer (the digital version is still an option), and reward points now expire automatically if your membership lapses or is canceled.

The PowerUp price hike and benefits changes go into effect on June 27–but you can still subscribe at the current $15 price right now and enjoy all of the perks and rack up a few reward points before the new program rolls out. Plus, new members get a $10 coupon at sign up.

Obviously, if you want to continue using your PowerUp benefits, you’ll need to stick with the $25/year price the next time your subscription is up for renewal–but if not, make sure you use all your coupons before you cancel.

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