My name is Franklin García, AWS Cloud Engineer

Senior Cloud Engineer

Certifications AWS and Terraform

About Me

I’m Professional AWS Cloud Engineer Since 2017

Experienced Cloud Engineer with over 8 years leading teams of engineers in high-priority projects, primarily for clients in the financial sector.


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My Experience

Skill And Experience

Cloud Security
AWS Architecture
Cloudformation and Terraform


Cloud Engineer |POD Leader (2018 – now)


Solution Architect (2016 – 2018)

My Services

Providing The Best Services

To achieve success the main focus is on designing scalable and secure cloud architectures, leveraging automation and monitoring for efficient operations, implementing recovery plans for business continuity, and fostering teamwork through clear communication.

Scalable and resilient architecture

Design and implement adaptive, high-performance cloud arquitecture that can accommodate changing business needs and ensure optimal resource availability.

Security and compliance

Emphasize data protection and infrastructure security in every aspect of cloud design, implementation, and operation.

Resource automation

Leverage automation tools and services to streamline infrastructure management and application deployment in the cloud.

Monitoring and optimization

Establish robust monitoring and alert systems to quickly detect and address performance issues, ensuring smooth operation of cloud-based applications and services.

Recovery and backups

Implement and maintain disaster recovery strategies and backup systems to guarantee business continuity in the event of infrastructure failures or incidents.

Collaboration and communication

Engage in effective teamwork with multidisciplinary groups, fostering clear and open communication among all stakeholders involved in the design, implementation, and operation of cloud solutions.

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