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Flexible software delivery approaches are required to meet the challenges of merging technology strategies and commercial and compliance needs. We Delivery Management Methodology offers cloud deployments to meet business needs wherever they operate.


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Amazon S3 Object Ownership ahora puede deshabilitar las listas de control de acceso para simplificar la administración de acceso a los datos en S3

Amazon S3 presenta una nueva configuración, propietario del bucket aplicado de S3 Object Ownership, que deshabilita las listas de control de acceso (ACL), lo que simplifica la administración del acceso para los datos almacenados en S3. Cuando se aplica esta configuración a nivel de bucket, todos los objetos de un bucket de S3 pertenecen al propietario del bucket y las ACL ya no se utilizan para otorgar permisos. Como resultado, el acceso a los datos se basa en políticas, incluidas las políticas de AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) aplicadas a las identidades de IAM, políticas de sesión, políticas de puntos de acceso y buckets de Amazon S3 y políticas de punto de enlace de Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Esta configuración se aplica tanto a los objetos nuevos como a los existentes en un bucket y puede controlar el acceso a esta configuración mediante las políticas de IAM. Con la nueva configuración de S3 Object Ownership, puede revisar, administrar y modificar fácilmente el acceso a los conjuntos de datos compartidos en Amazon S3 simplemente a través de políticas.

#BazelCon 2021 Wrap Up

Posted by Joe Hicks, Product Manager, Core Developer

The apps, platforms, and systems that the Bazel community builds with Bazel touch the lives of people around the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Through BazelCon, we aim to connect Bazel enthusiasts, the Bazel team, maintainers, contributors, users, and friends in an inclusive and welcoming environment. At BazelCon, the community demonstrates the global user impact of the community—with some quirky and carefully crafted talks, a readout on the State-of-Bazel, an upfront discussion on “Implicit Bias Mitigation,” and community sharing events that remind us that we are not alone in our efforts to build a better world, one line of code at a time.

At BazelCon, the community shared over 24 technical sessions with the 1400+ registrants, which you can watch here at your own pace. Make sure you check out:

Attendees were able to interact with the community and engage with the Bazel team through a series of “Birds of a Feather” (BoF) sessions and a live Q&A session. You can find all of the BoF presentations and notes here.

As announced, soon we will be releasing Bazel 5.0, the updated version of our next generation, multi-language, multi-platform build functionality that includes a new external dependency system, called bzlmod, for you to try out.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped make BazelCon a success: presenters, organizers, Google Developer Studios, contributors, and attendees. If you have any questions about BazelCon, you can reach out to [email protected].

We hope that you enjoyed #BazelCon and “Building Better with Bazel”.