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Working with clients of all sizes, across all geographies to manage your software locally or remotely, in a multi-cloud environment performing the best practices and design patterns.

Migration For Blast

Through our expertise with software and cloud insight into how it can transform your business on speed, innovation and global reach that is required today with optimization of your IT investment.

Cloud Adoption

Moving workloads to the cloud provide your business with greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity, and scalability, as well as lower costs compared to traditional IT infrastructures.


Flexible software delivery approaches are required to meet the challenges of merging technology strategies and commercial and compliance needs. We Delivery Management Methodology offers cloud deployments to meet business needs wherever they operate.

Web Development

We develop fast, dynamics and fault tolerant web sites for your business using the best coding patterns and cloud practices.

Cloud Design Patterns

Design patterns to build reliable, scalable, secure applications in the cloud based on your business requirement.

Business Software Solution

Whether you need software for any business model we offer a software solutions to meet your needs.

Digital Marketing

The best digital marketing using a clear picture of how each campaign supports their overarching goals.


AWS CloudFormation Guard 2.0 is now generally available

AWS CloudFormation announces the general availability of AWS CloudFormation Guard 2.0. This release makes Guard a general-purpose policy-as-code evaluation tool. With Guard 2.0, developers can write policy rules for any JSON- and YAML-formatted file such as Kubernetes configurations and Terraform JSON configurations, in addition to already supported CloudFormation templates.

New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer – Enterprise Cloud Foundation Accelerator

Enterprise Cloud Foundation Accelerator is an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer delivered via a consulting engagement from World Wide Technology (WWT), an AWS DevOps Competency Partner. Enterprise Cloud Foundation Accelerator enables customers to immediately find value and begin the use of AWS by building out a new, secure, multi-account AWS environment. Customers that request this consulting offer will participate in an engagement that delivers a discovery workshop, foundational environment design, and deployment of your environment.

Amazon Macie supports criteria-based bucket selection for sensitive data discovery jobs

Amazon Macie now allows you to define a run-time criteria to determine which S3 buckets should be included in a sensitive data discovery job. When a job runs, Macie identifies the S3 buckets that match your criteria and automatically adds or removes them from the job’s scope. This capability makes it easier for you to manage S3 buckets that should be monitored for sensitive data and also removes the need to create new jobs to monitor newly created or modified S3 buckets.